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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One Of My First

One of the first spanking pictures I saw was this one. I suspect a lot of folks my age have a special affection for it. It is always on the Tumblr sites.

hairbrush_2 The short plaid skirt, white panties, knee socks and Mary Jane’s defined a proper spanking outfit. Those skirts are selling 50 years later. I have had the pleasure of spanking a few women who dressed like this. It was their choice to wear. Did they see this picture and take their fashion tip from it or what?

This era of Nu-West lives on in pictures like the one above. To me, it’s like concept cars or a 55 Corvette, extremely popular, but sadly abandoned. The current ones just do turn my crank.


punishment stool

And after a hair brushing, did you always have to sit on a hard stool by the cat door?


  1. Lot of interesting history to that one. It's from a silent 8mm film called Cindy and the Hairbrush. The story as related by Ed Lee in one of his pieces on the history of Nu-West was that this girl, who was supposedly a spanking submissive, approached Nu-West to model, and since she was of age, could sign a consent form. As it turned out, the sessions were too much for her, and after doing only a couple of shoots, she left, never to return. Later Lee was contacted by the girl's father who pleaded with him not to p8ublish any photos or films, but as she was of age, Lee went ahead.

    1. Also read that Ed would not have published, but he thought Dad acted like a jackass in the way he asked.


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