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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cheap Thrills

Bacall needed some new everyday panties. I suggested she buy something better than normal everyday. She found some at Costco and surprise some really nice ones at Walmart. They are so light, you can barely tell you have them on. How to do know? We both tried them on when we got home. Gauzy like, very soft, it felt so good to rub myself in them. How naughty of me. She  declared the next day as paddling day, so after breakie, we showered and donned the new panties. I choose yellow and she went for coral. I was rigid, before I even got them pulled up. 


I was first on the paddling card and we went in the living room in our new panties and sat on the sofa. She gave me a thigh fry on the front of my legs with the batten. Next I was bent over a chair for 14 with the black paddle. [Her hand is still healing from surgery or she would have given me more]

Then it was her turn and she got on knees facing the back of the sofa. I used her favorite holey paddle about 20 times over her panties. [I never count] I then pulled her panties down and put the Teacher’s paddle to her. She was feeling bullet proof, so I upped the intensity twice, but she could have taken even harder licks. Some days, she is sensitive, other times it’s the other way.

We concluded with the usual bedroom activities.

There are at least a dozen more panties to try out.  Something to look forward to.

Every day over the next week, she got pops on her new panties to get her day started off right.

Yesterday, she decided she wanted to paddle me and had me select a pair of panties to wear. I choose yellow again. We sat and read in our undies. Ever so often she would ask me if I was thinking about the paddling I was going to get. Of course I was. After awhile, I was bent over the bed and she was putting the wood to me. I normally like to be paddled bare bottom, but I asked to keep the panties on this time. So she gave me a dozen or so with the black paddle and then pulled them down and finished me off with the ever stingy teacher’s paddle. I was bright red as usual. Yummy.

Just cheap thrills for us.


  1. I am wearing panties today, though without permission. Just thought I would have a cheap frill.

  2. Very much enjoy when you share descriptions of your paddling activities. Must say that is the most rewarding return on purchases made at Costco and Walmart that I could imagine. And they just keep on giving.

  3. I love the description of you paddling each other. Panties do feel good and I love wearing them. Some time ago I showed R (my wife) a site that sold panties for men and she gave me the OK to buy some. These are silk panties and I do love the feel and she loves seeing me in them. She loves me in them so much I now wear them 24/7. I have not been spanked with them on they are always lowered to my knees for spanking as she is concerned the implements might damage the panties.

  4. Very nicely written Bogey. Enjoyed your description. Nice knickers.



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