Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Case Of Submission

Another from the vault by DME

She never could decide about submission. When he told her not to think, to just get up from the chair, it was the permission she needed to leave behind her thoughts and follow her heart.  Hands on the wall, just the thought of obeying him made her tremble. His hand on her nipple, squeezing insistently while he punished her bottom, kept her in position. Balanced between the two pains. His hand between her legs made her hang between pleasure and pain. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of either.

The next morning, she was thrilled when he insisted that the games continue. She had wanted to give him a graceful way out in case it was not what he wanted. Now she knew the night before was so easy because he was waiting for today. Hands and knees on the bed, she couldn't stop shaking. From pleasure, anticipation, and fear. An odd mix. Only a sub could understand the addictive blending of emotions. The red paddle before her stood for so much. His authority, his certainty of severe punishment for disobedience, his decision that she would submit. She feared it, but it consoled her with his dependability as well. She knew him well enough that there was no need to test the limits. Security. Strength. What she wanted.

His touch aroused her. Even the strokes of the cane. But when he slid his fingers to her most private place, she knew he would not be satisfied until she was penetrated. She leaned forward to escape the pressure, but his soft menacing voice forced her to accept. Intense sensations swirled through her. This was a point of no return. No return to many things. A beginning of different relationship.

The humiliating position she had to assume almost forced her to tears. But more than just the position, it was the slipping away of her control. Over everything. Nothing frightened her more than a loss of control. Nothing. As he used her and probed her, the tension built until she could hardly stand it. Falling forward she escaped for a moment. Now he had her on her back, legs spread, completely at his mercy.  When he commanded she touch herself,  a moment came that she had often fantasized. Now he added sensation upon sensation. Hand inside her, pressure on the plug, teeth to her nipples. It was too much. Her body betrayed her and ripples of uncontrollable reaction told him he was breaking down her resistance.  Her fear was swept aside. He confirmed that she was his, he could do whatever he wanted with her, and she knew it was true.

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