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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spanked In Front Of Others

The desire to be spanked with witnesses is very common. It is a staple in F/M stories. In those stories the man is described as being humiliated, but in fact he is excited by it. Personally, I am always up for as many women who want to paddle me to have a go. Bring it on. The times it has happened to me it was a lot of fun for all involved. On a few occasions I have been invited to be a witness for M/F spanking.

The usual witness/participant cited by men is the wife’s sister or mother. That would be creepy for me. A friend is fine. 

This comment lifted from Consensual Spanking by Anonymous on June 3, 2015 is typical of the way men describe it or fantasize about it.

My wife will make fun of my erection, her best friend told her about spankings, her husband has been spanked when my wife has been present. I received my first adult spanking in front of this friend, more of how to properly give a spanking. My wife is very good, she gets my attention. I got to know the friend's husband and we as are wives state matching book ends. It has only happen a couple of times, the last a week ago, partying too late. The next morning at the friends home we both stood before our wives, pants and underpants around our ankles, being scolded like naughty little children and then being spanked by not just our wives, but also the neighbor wife. He was lucky he was sent to face the wall when the spankings were done, I was taken back to our home, my wife holding my pants and underpants and the hairbrush and I was glad it was a short walk home, next door.

It sounds like fun to me.

I guess the difference is that we spank for fun, not for naughtiness.

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  1. I like to see spankings in front of others. I remember my school-days in England when the headmaster caught three teen-age girls smoking. Of course that was a NO NO. So he ordered the next day these naughty school-girls to the front of the class, where after lecturing them, made each of them one by one, bend over a stool. Thereupon he raised their skirt up high, pulled down their knickers, and CANED, their tender bare bottoms. I loved every moment of their humiliation , seeing their pubic areas, as well as their naked derrieres. After witnessing this corporal punishment event, I proceeded to the boys room to masterbate with sexual and erotic pleasure.


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