Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How Many Posts?

On one page Blogger shows 1,007 posts. Another page shows 973. So somewhere around a thousand. Who cares? We are closing in on 8 years in a few months. Many of our fav blogs are long gone. We hang around like a fugal infection.

We always a supply of what we consider tasteful pictures, no beaver content. We toss in a dose of commentary of things spanking, especially those we find odd.

And always, we have poor grammar just to keep Hermoine alert. She has always been helpful to me on technical matters. And I appreciate that. She paid attention in class while I day dreamed when the subject was past perfect something or other. Gag! So when you read a sentence and makes no sense, the first thing to do is to figure out which article we left out.


Here’s a sassy gal for the men that can not read.



  1. Eight years, some achievement to be still blogging. I love to visit you both here and hope to for many more years.


  2. Y'all keep on trucking. Nice poppies.

  3. Just so you know I'm paying close attention to your posts , I assume you meant "fungal infection".


    1. Exactly like the one that required Bacall's toenail to be cut off last week.

  4. Congrats on eight years!
    I drop by often and hope to continue to do so.

    (Nice picturesque scene and interesting bead belt.)


  5. I read your blog on a regular basis and it's my favorite by far. Your spanking relationship is very close to what I imagine my ideal situation to be. Fun, sexual, and equal give and take, not punishment.

    I have been a closet spanko for a very long time but never had the nerve to tell anyone about it. I finally discussed it with my wife and she agreed to try it I think more to humor me than anything. After a few test runs it seems that unfortunately she did not enjoy giving or receiving so it hasn't really been discussed since which is something I find slightly frustrating especially since it took so long to work up the nerve to tell her about my desire.

    What I'm getting at in a round about way is that in a way I live vicariously through you and others like you. It's important for me to read about the lifestyle even though I do not participate in it. Congratulations on 8 years and I wish you many, many more.

    1. We are always pleased to hear from folks that enjoy our blog and the way we enjoy spanking. Don't give up on your wife. Yes, she probably did it for you and did not get anything out of it for herself. We have an upcoming post about this. It's up to you to make it worthwhile for her. More discussion is indicated.


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