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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bolo Paddles

Our early marriage implements were wooden rulers. On our first Christmas, Bacall bought a Bolo paddle and put it my stocking. That was a pleasant surprise. The wood used at the time was heavier than kind used in recent years. She broke it on me after many uses. I bought another one and glued it to the original one and painted it red. It has lasted and has a mean sting.

red paddle

bolo cracker_barrel_paddle paddle-power


  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    You know I have never actually used a paddleball paddle to give a spanking. The ones sold now'days in stores seem to be made out of balsa wood and look as if they would snap at first point of contact.

    1. You are correct sir, they are no longer suitable for spanking at all.

  2. Several years ago Cracker Barrel Restaurant sold bolo paddles in their gift shops. These were the old fashioned type that were plenty sturdy and had a really nasty sting. I've warmed many a bottom with it in my playing days. I've also had it used on me. It carries a fierce sting.

  3. thanks for posting these, we used these quite a bit when we were first starting our on our spanking adventures....and I know some may frown on this but my Mom used to carry one in her purse, for when one of us got out of line....thanks again Becki


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