Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting Paddled


We have not written about our paddling’s in a long time. They happen. But, we lack the skill to describe them in different ways, so we don’t bore you with them. You know we don’t engage in punishment or discipline - faux or real. We are not needy that way. So how do we get paddled? Well, one way is to ask for it. Surely, you have had conversations with mates about sexual things you would like to try. Surely. Well paddling is sexual for us, so expressing our need to take 20 licks with the Principal’s paddle on the bare is sexual for us.

Our favorite spanking blogger, Ronnie, needs a reason to be spanked, but nothing in the bad behavior department. Ronnie can very easily give her husband a reason to spank her. Recently she wore his underwear and made sure he knew it. Bingo, Ronnie got spanked. Other times she will engage in some cheeky banter to elicit a trip over his knee.

Bacall is equally adapt in earning a spanking. Yesterday, she confessed to me that she had not worn underwear while gardening. I advised her that such behavior merited a paddling. She skipped down the hall humming, had a bath and dressed in a black bra, panties, thigh high hose, and a see through slip. She accessorized with a black and white necklace and dangly ear rings. I followed her color scheme and got out a black leather paddle and a fearsome wooden paddle painted black.

All this had an effect on me, so I decided I wanted a paddling the next day. I am not as adapt as she is in coming up with reasons, so if I don’t want to ask directly, I can put on panties and make sure she sees them. The panties don’t stay on long, as she soon has me bent over the bed putting the wood to me.


  1. Very nice and fun for you both.

    1. Thanks for stopping by K and leaving a comment. That allowed us to read your blog.


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