Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Stranger

Another from the vault written by DME

It had taken her many months to be able to give herself to HIM in this way,
and now he ordered her to do so for a complete stranger.      

She was feeling smug that she had weathered his best. She then heard
his voice. "She is known to derive some pleasure from punishment. I
want to be sure this is not the case now. Elise lay on your back and
raise your legs so that he may inspect you". Before she could swallow
it, it came out "Like Hell I will". Then it was silent for what seemed
to be a long period. Then his voice, very flatly, said. "Paddle her
until she complies. And don't spare her legs one whit, front and
back." Her arm was held, she was turned and the paddle was burning
first here and there. "OK, OK, all right, I give, please, please, no
more" He stopped and looked her in the eye. She hesitated, her lip
quivered, he waited, slowly she went to the bed, lay down, hesitated
and then in one motion went on her back, raised her legs high, spread
them and held her heels with her hands. the very picture of
compliance, but the smug look was back. He leaned over and parted her
lips. "She is quite wet sir".

Then I suppose we need to cool her down. I think the Bardex will do
the trick. She moaned "No, no way, I will not accept THAT, that is too
much to ask of me. Please, no".

"I will give you a choice. Do you wish the enema now or more of the
paddle and then the enema?"

She lay there in shock as she realized he was dead serious.

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