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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, October 20, 2014

Paddled In The Principal’s Office

Needed a post. This title will catch eyeballs for years as all you perv’s search for such. I am not after “hits”, but I don’t mind them either.

I don’t even try to write stories anymore. But I do like plots and you can make up your own words.

This one came to me from some chats I have had with a woman who was paddled in school and likes to play it out as an adult.

You “wake up” in the principal’s office. He looks and acts just like you always wanted. The paddle burns more than you remembered. Getting on the bare does sting more. You “wake up” again and there is your picture on the TV and the announcer saying “Helen Gardner paid off an old debt today in Principal’s Koffman’s office with a dozen paddle licks. Interviewed by our Jan Michael’s, Helen said she glad to not have this hanging over her head any longer. She added she would be sitting gingerly for a day or so."

school room 

Today’s picture is of blogger that I thoroughly enjoyed.


  1. Oh yes, eminently spankable. I wonder where she is now. If you read this K, send an e mail.

  2. Well I like your plot(s)!

    Don't recognize that picture although I would love to know what blog it came from. Such a great picture.
    So unfortunate how many blogs come and go.

  3. Very nice. Don't know the girl in the pic.



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