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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bending The Cane

There must be something that prompts people to bend canes.

bend1 bend2 bend3  bend4

I might have a good time with any of them, but I am partial to Miss Upper Right and Miss Lower Right.


  1. For all those naughty ladies who are pictured bending this pliable corporal punishment implement called the cane. I sure would love to take their panties down, and swish it painfully on their bare bottoms. How I would enjoy their "Ooohs", and "Ouchs", coming from their lips. It would be sweet music to my ears.

  2. Same choice for me. Would it not be nice to have the pair of them in the same room?

  3. Why those two because they are younger? Just wondering.


    1. Not sure they are younger. Maybe. I think it's the eyes and the lingerie. The one one in black is almost there in BDSM fetish wear.

  4. Lovely evocative pictures. Miss Upper Right for me please.

  5. I think I'd choose Ms. Lower Left. But then I probably am not entitled to a choice.

    I love pix of women bending their canes, especially the ones who bend their canes under the curves of their Derrieres. There is one site (Institute of Discipline) that seems to be able to read my mind about my fetish for the rear view of a woman holding her cane that way.


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