Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Up The Stairs

There are more than a few spanking oriented pictures on the web of women going up stairs. Some depict them about to be paddled, while others depict them about to paddle some one.

Today, I will post 9 pictures of women about to paddle someone.

Note the first few pictures were taken in the same stairwell.




Then she changes clothes, takes off her lipstick and gets another paddle for this shot.







Which one would you want to see at the top of the stairs?


  1. May I honor, your namesake. Here's to the 'babe'. as Bogey would day. For Lauren Bacall, was one of Hollywood's Legends

    May I honor the 'babe'. as Bogey would say. "Here's to Lauren Bacall, one of Hollywood's legendry movie stars, may she rest in peace. As she now joins me in Heaven".

  2. It would be the last one. It looks like a busy stairwell. Here's to Lauren.

  3. Number 4. I like the clothes and the school type paddle. I'm thinking she could blister a butt.

  4. So far votes, for #4, #5 and #9. I have always said when offered a choice take them all!

  5. Red dress with the hairbrush please

  6. Definitely the redhead in black. Let me explain:

    Which girl? It's the paddle, stupid.

    In the white sans lipstick, that wood looks just right. I love how that feels. And I'm sure the longish pink would be really nice. too, even with that plaid climbing way on up.

    But that metal paddle with holes!!! I just have to know what that's like. I've seen those but never felt one. Actually, I'm not very happy with the girl, and I'm afraid she may sense that; if she takes it out on my ass, that would wrap up the whole experience!!! Mmmm.

    You know, I really do like the girls. A really big turn-on. However, It's been way too long since I've had a good paddling. There have been some other nice spankings in the meantime. But I've had to pause for a while following some unrelated elective surgery. Now that I'm ready for more, it's just such an aching, longing feeling. I want to feel it!!

  7. I don't see a metal paddle, but what do I know.
    I have decided on #4 - for today anyway.


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