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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Paddling’s Continue

We don’t write about many of our paddling’s. There are only so many ways we can describe them before we bore ourselves. We wish we could write like Ronnie does. She is the only one we know about that is currently writing about her personal spankings in a way that appeals to us. In a word, titillating. And I am not talking about sex, I am referring to the sexy way she describes their play. For us, we would not be interested in spanking at all unless it was not sexual. We both get aroused no matter who is paddling who.

Yesterday, I told Bacall I was going to paddle her. She immediately went into alibi mode. She can come up with more excuses faster than anyone I know. But, I knew from the glint in her eye at the beginning that she was on board.

She always asks why she is getting paddled. Today, it was because it was raining.

I told her I was going to use our red paddle – a real stinger. [I made Ronnie a holey paddle exactly like the one that is Bacall’s fav. Ronnie thinks it stings like a swarm of bees, but it is P’s fav. I would estimate the red paddle has about 2.15 times the sting factor of the holey paddle if that helps you any]

Bacall got out both the holey and red paddle perhaps thinking that if there were a finite number of licks then every lick with the holey paddle would reduce the licks with the red paddle and so mitigate the amount of sting. But, there was a second way, she could be asking for double the number of licks. I decided that was what she wanted.

I had her lay over my lap. She likes to put her knees on the couch and look out the window. In that position, she can swish her bottom around to indicate I should amp up the paddling. She can also easily just fall down on her side when she wants to. After a short discussion, I wish I could recall the words, she acquiesced and snuggled up across my lap. She wanted to be paddled in her new sleeping shorts. They are quite thin, so I had no problem with that. I laid into her and she stayed in position and was unusually quiet. She sensed that I was going to paddle her hard and she may was well take it. And she did. First with the holey paddle, then and equal number with the red paddle. I then pulled the shorts down and repeated the same on her pleasantly red bottom. Before we got to the end, she was more than ready for it to end.


Bacall, but taken on another day


  1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I think its hard to write about a personal spanking. I liked yours. Tell Bacall that's a lovely pic of her. Thanks.


  2. You too weren't the only ones aroused by this paddling. I very much like the idea of fetching that paddle that is going to be used on your bottom. And having the spanker detail precisely how it is going to be used and the effect it is going to have.


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