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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lap Photos - III

Third in a series - This eye candy post should appeal to the degenerate men, like myself, who get a thrill from seeing a flash of thigh. Personally, I prefer a little revealing more than pure nudity.

Male bottoms see a female lap and think how they would like to lay over it and be spanked. Well this series of posts should interest them. I don’t care the OTK position myself, but I like these pictures.

Some of the pictures are just pictures of women with great legs. These is no explicit suggestion in the picture that spanking is contemplated. They are not holding a hairbrush or motioning for you to lay over their laps. Still, for me, they scream spanking.

Just add your own captions.

fmlap156 fmlap199

fmlap200 fmlap201

fmlap202 fmlap203

Can’t wait to see these pictures show up on the popular blogs. They always do.


  1. As a fan of the OTK position, I love these kinds of views. And while I really like the first pic (the one where she's holding a small paddle that looks like it would be perfect for an OTK spanking), I think you know the lap I really prefer.

  2. A woman wearing garter-belt and stockings, always looks, healthy, wealthy, sexy, wise, and most spankable, after her panties, knickers, or bloomers, are taken down from her voluptuous naked rear end. Would'nt you agree?.

  3. Sometimes they do need to come down. I still like the area dressed and am quite content to paddle on panties for a long time.


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