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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bogey Attends To Becky

This is the second in a series barely adequate spanking stories. The first was Western Paddling.

It was an hour or so after Becky toasted my bottom, that I decided it was time for her backside to get warmed. I don’t know if she was wearing tight white shorts because she knew I liked them or not. But, she filled them out quite well. I had paid close attention to her and noted there was no hint of a panty line, so I guess she had on tbacks.

She got up and so did I. I took two steps and was right in front of her. I looked into Becky’s eyes and held her by her shoulders. I had no idea if she was susceptible to physical intimidation or if she needed to be in a submissive role.  I only wanted to slow things down, to move along with a certain deliberateness.  I held my gaze for a moment and in a cool tone of voice asked if she was ready for her paddling. Did she blink or partially close her eyes in a moment of acceptance? It was so quick I was not sure. In less than her normal tone of voice, I heard Yes escape from her lips. I told her I was going to thoroughly enjoy building a fire in her backside. Get your paddle and bring it to me. She went to their camper and opened a side bin and brought out a small frat style paddle. Not thin, not thick, not long, just right. She offered me the paddle handle first. I took it and told her to stand about two feet away from the camper and put her hands on the side of the camper. Step back a little more. Now push your bottom out. I took in the view and took up position on her left side. Ken and Bacall were watching but saying nothing that I could hear. I checked my position to ensure that I was a few inches inches forward of her luscious bottom. I put my hand on her back and asked if she was ready. I again heard a almost silent Yes. I pulled the paddle back and swung it upward to contact with her lower bottom on one cheek. It made a pleasing crack and I noted she jumped a little. I said that was a six, do you want the next one to be a seven or a five. Seven. Bless her heart. I made the next swat a little harder. This is not a contest, but do you want an eight? Yes, sir. I was liking her sprit even more. I am going to give you four eight’s. And I did. Taking my time to do it.

That’s six licks and now I want your shorts off. Stand up and face me. When she turned around and looked into my eyes I almost melted from her expression. I undid her belt, the button on her shorts and pulled them down to her knees. Yep, she had on a tback. Step out of your shorts and assume the same position.

I am going to give you ten licks. I want you to stay in position until I tell you that you can stand up. Are we clear? Yes, sir. I checked my position, brought the paddle back and aimed for the lower part of her cheeks. I brought the paddle forward and slightly up so that it lifted her cheeks. The sound of the wood reporting off her backside was crisp and loud. So was the Ooww that escaped her mouth. With each pop of the paddle she reacted. I liked that. I wondered if she would hold position until all ten licks were given. She did.


  1. Love the imagery in all the details. It had the desire effect -- on me as well as her. Very uplifting.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I really could not come up with an ending I liked. So I just ended it.


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