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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, June 16, 2014

Once Upon A Time – The Vacation

Bacall’s tale continues

Summer is here and all of the students have left for home or trips until school resumes in September. Usually I spend this time with neglected chores around my home, attending classes and preparing for the upcoming school term.

This year, I decided that I should treat myself to a vacation. I have not taken many vacations because I don’t like traveling alone. I want to share the experience with someone that can experience the same pleasures as I do.  Of course, my mind wonders to my lover and paddling companion, Dr. Wayne.

If he is willing, we must be very discreet because we could both lose our jobs. But at this point my passions are overruling my practicality. With this in the forefront of my mind, I invite him over for a candlelight dinner, complete with a wonderful wine, and a fantastic dessert. He gladly excepts.

He arrives, smiles, and gives me a bouquet of two dozen roses. I give him a glass of wine and as he sits beside me I tell him what I am thinking about. He looks at me, astonished that I would consider such a plan. He puts his hand around my wrist and tells me that I am a very bad girl and will have to punished for thinking about doing something so risqué. Before I know what is happening, I was over his lap with my panties pulled down to my knees.  As if my magic, he had taken a small wooden paddle from his back pocket.  I gasped as he applied the wooden paddle to my bare bottom.  This time there was no warm up.  He was serious and I had never known him to be so masterful.

I am quite aroused by the spanking and so is he.  But instead of carrying this to the next step, he insists that we have dinner.  Thank goodness that I had planned a dinner that was prepared ahead of time and only had to be heated a little because I was in such a state that I can hardly concentrate on what I should be doing.  Dr. Wayne had this secret smile on his face the whole time.

I managed to get dinner on the table and it was very good.  Dr. Wayne pronounced it an excellent dinner.  You cannot imagine how pleased I was by his admiration of my culinary efforts.  It seems that the more we are together, the more we seem to admire and care about each other.

We sat in the living room and started discussing our proposed trip.  Should we go abroad, should we go to a resort - where we could enjoy the trip without any chance of being discovered.  With a sly smile on his face, Dr. Wayne told me about the cabin that his uncle has left to him when he passed away.  He told me that it was a simple secluded place that might be perfect for the two of us to relax and explore each other to our hearts content.

Of course, I started fretting about being in a cabin in the woods.  My idea of a vacation was to have all meals prepared by someone else!  Complete and total pampering was what I wanted and deserved.  You should have seen the look of Dr. Wayne’s face - it was red!  He demanded to know what I wanted - a trip where we might be discovered just so that I could be waited on hand and foot or did I want to go somewhere that we could discover each other’s fantasies.  He told me that in order for me to make that decision, he would help me with it.  At which point, I found myself once again over his lap.  He must have been very angry to punish me in such a harsh manner.  I even had tears in my eyes.  When he finished, he pulled me to him and wiped my tears and kissed me very tenderly.  He then suggested that we have dessert.  I am usually the one in control, but at that moment I felt submissive.  It was a very strange and foreign feeling.


After dessert, we went to my bedroom where we lovingly undressed each other before going to bed to complete the evening.  We awoke with smiles on our faces and made love in the morning light which was a first for us.

After that, the decision was easy, we would go to the cabin for two or three weeks.


  1. Nice one Bacall. Thanks. Look forward to reading about their time at the cabin.



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