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Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Men Wearing Panties

I have posted on this topic many times over the years. So if it is of interest to you, click on the label in right margin to read and see more.

Panties and paddling go hand-in-glove with us. A new paddle or a new pair of panties always brings freshness to our play. Same as getting paddled in a new place. They not only feel good, but make me feel a little naughty. Women wear some types of panties when they want to appear naughty.

I first started wearing panties after we got married. I could not keep out of Bacall’s panty drawer. At first, I would just slide on a pair and model for her. She was mostly OK with it. We went out of town for a long weekend and I forgot to pack any underwear. Really. I wore a pair of hers and washed them out to wear the next day. Not something you can do with cotton. I started wearing them for paddlings and even wearing them to work. Exciting, but they sure squeeze and heat the boys up after a few hours.

I admit to wearing panties and rubbing one out through the silky material.

Bacall and I would go panty shopping on Saturday mornings. We would buy matching panties and spend the afternoon taking turns warming up each other in them. Cheap thrills.

I recall the first time I admitted to another woman that I was wearing panties. We were at a spanking party and somehow I knew I could trust her. She got a big smile on her face and we off to play. She was a switchy girl for a few years were saw a lot of each other. She would go panty shopping with us. We would all get the same panty and spend the rest of the day paddling each other in them. Cheap thrills, for $5 a piece, we were all happy.

I suppose that a man wearing panties is on one end of the spectrum and a cross dressercis on the other. Some men like to wear hose and dresses. Some like to dress as a sissy and suck on a dildo. How any of us get to our place on the spectrum is beyond me. I have no desire to wear other female attire or assume  a female identity, but I sure do like panties.

What got me off on this subject, again, was we were walking through Wal*Mart from house wares to groceries and on the way we both spotted a bright pink panty girdle. $3. And they had our size. Done deal. I have already gotten my first paddling in them and Bacall is overdue for hers.

I also like to wear t-back (jock straps) for a paddling. To me exposure of my bared nates shows Bacall just what I am in the mood for. I would love to locate a source for these. I can think of just one reason to wear them.



  1. Spanking in panties, for us, is amazing, sexy and so wonderful

  2. We enjoy it too, esp. if Mrs B is wearing firm control knickers! Another thought about The Dead, Mr B is going to have Touch of Grey played at his funeral, along with the Johnny Nash classic, I can see clearly now.
    When my remains are brought in I'm going to have Blow Away by The Dead, only just heard it, my goodness X

  3. 'Panties and Paddling go hand in hand ....' I couldn't agree more. I love it when Cora makes me wear her panties in preparation for a spanking either with her new favorite Ebony Hairbrush or a paddling with her favorite Spencer Paddle.
    Fun post!

  4. If you find a source for those let me know, I have been looking for a pair for him to wear, every since I first saw a picture of them about 3 or 4 months ago! I can just imagine getting to paddle his behind framed like that!! Becky

  5. Ken advises that he got a pair from Amazon. Search for spank+me+bikini+brief.
    Note that they are only available in one size but I can fit in the ones
    I purchased. And sadly they will arrive in just a plastic bag and not
    in what looks like a box in the pic above.


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