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Monday, June 30, 2014

How Much Of It Is In Your Mind?

Question #1

Since this is a no discipline Blog, my comments are only about erotic or fun spankings. So with that in mind, we wonder why the same people with the same toys experience different levels of sting from one spanking to the next? Bacall and I both have sensitive and bullet proof days. Before the first lick we can not predict what kind of day it will be. When Bacall is having one of her bullet proof days, her orgasms are always more intense. We wonder why that is?

Question #2

We also wonder if a particular toy is thought to be intense makes it so. I think a cane is good example. It’s highly desired by some, but feared by most. Does the perception of it being intense make it so? A Lexan paddle is generally thought to be more intense than wood. [I can’t tell the difference myself] A paddle with holes is also on the list of feared toys. I can not tell any difference and I have made the same paddle with and without holes. The exact same size, shape, weight and wood – no differences. I have tested these paddles on others and the results are mixed. Some will always opt for a paddle with holes, others feel believe they sting more. I wonder how much of it is in our minds?

More research needs to be done. I think I need 100 co-operating lasses to meet me on July 4th to resolve the question. All licks will be given while blind-folded so you will not know which paddle is being used.

Question #3

How about you, do you like paddles with or without holes?

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Three questions posed. Any thoughts or answers?


  1. Hi there - 3 responses
    1. Yes, I can take more and harder strokes on some days than on others and I can take a lot when my mind is properly in the zone.
    2. I like to feel punished so a cane and a very tough paddle are my favourites.
    3. Certainly I can take fewer strokes with the holey paddle. That hurts.

    Best wishes

  2. I too, seem to have days when I can take more (make that want more-LOL).

    Ah the question of a paddle with or without holes. I believe that there is no physical difference between the two but there is something about the 'intent' of a paddle with holes. The implication is that the paddle with holes is going to hurt more so perhaps it does. However as one who has made paddles over the years, I won't put holes into a paddle made out of solid wood. I have seen too many break (shatter, actually) including some personal experience. However, I love putting holes into paddles made of plywood. I have a Nu-West/Leda 'Spencer' paddle that has probably seen 25 years of use and its still as effective as when I purchased it. Seems to be indestructible. Its one of my favorites and I have made a number of duplicates.

  3. Spanking can hurt more one day to the other, depends on what's used, your frame of mind. Same as orgasms can be more intense at different times.
    Good thoughts on the cane. I said I would never want or have the cane only because of reading about other peoples experiences. Thanks goodness P changed my mind.
    My experience and to me wood is worse than leather. The holey paddle you sent I hate but that's the only experience I have of a holey paddle. maybe its because of the type of the wood (its dense) and that makes it sting.


  4. I have to agree with the others, mind set I think makes the spanking feel different at different times. I have felt a few paddles on my bottom, some solid, some with holes drilled half way through, some with holes all the way through, and really not sure if there is much difference for the level of swat I get. I think the holes may have a different effect than solid paddles, when used with more force. just my thoughts. Hubby has made several different paddles about the same size and thickness. I believe the type of wood makes more difference than holes for the way we use wood, cedar, poplar, seem good for us, oak, cherry seem heavier and too much for our butts....just my thoughts....Becki

  5. Yes, it makes me sexually and erotically intense, when I about to CANE, READ, or HEAR about this corporal punishment implement being used on a naughty woman's naked rear end.


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