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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, June 30, 2014

How Much Of It Is In Your Mind?

Question #1

Since this is a no discipline Blog, my comments are only about erotic or fun spankings. So with that in mind, we wonder why the same people with the same toys experience different levels of sting from one spanking to the next? Bacall and I both have sensitive and bullet proof days. Before the first lick we can not predict what kind of day it will be. When Bacall is having one of her bullet proof days, her orgasms are always more intense. We wonder why that is?

Question #2

We also wonder if a particular toy is thought to be intense makes it so. I think a cane is good example. It’s highly desired by some, but feared by most. Does the perception of it being intense make it so? A Lexan paddle is generally thought to be more intense than wood. [I can’t tell the difference myself] A paddle with holes is also on the list of feared toys. I can not tell any difference and I have made the same paddle with and without holes. The exact same size, shape, weight and wood – no differences. I have tested these paddles on others and the results are mixed. Some will always opt for a paddle with holes, others feel believe they sting more. I wonder how much of it is in our minds?

More research needs to be done. I think I need 100 co-operating lasses to meet me on July 4th to resolve the question. All licks will be given while blind-folded so you will not know which paddle is being used.

Question #3

How about you, do you like paddles with or without holes?

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Three questions posed. Any thoughts or answers?

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  1. Funny you should post this. I have been craving a spanking for days and when it happened tonight (hand and paddle) it hurt soooo bad. I was relaxed but perhaps not enough. I've been stressed and looking for release and though the release came afterward, I couldn't handle much of the spanking while it was going on. Perhaps some days are just better than others?????


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