Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Many Ways

As switches we double the number of ways a spanking may occur.

I can ask Bacall for a paddling. Normally I do this the day before and enjoy the anticipation. I did this yesterday and she brought up the subject several times before we went to sleep. After breakfast the next morning, she picked out panties for me to wear to help build the excitement. Of course, my excitement was quite evident when I put on the panties. An hour or so later, I was in an S shape, my knees on the seat of the couch and my head on the back of it. She was kind to give the first four licks over the panties before proceeding to bare my cheeks. It was not a long paddling, I could have taken more licks and she knew it, but why bother, the desired result had been attained – more than enough blood was being held making my member quite rigid. Time to move along.

Other ways spankings happen:

She decides one or both of us could benefit from her paddling me. These usually happen when she is busy and just not in the mood, but she knows that I am. I get paddled and she gets some satisfaction from satisfying me. Bless her.

She decides that both of us could benefit from what she calls joint action sessions. She is quite randy and ready for anything.

I decide that I want to paddle her. If she is just not in the mood, nothing happens. Sometimes she is not all the way there, but thinks she might get there and readily acquiesces to a paddling. More often than not, I wind up getting the paddle also.

She wants an all about me paddling. There are two branches to these. One is purely erotic, she is able to twist her mind into being submissive and accepting a grand paddling and being taken. The other is when her sass meter is bubbling in the red range. She needs an outlet for her mouth knowing that the more she dishes out the harder the paddling will be. She will say something and then put her hand over her mouth and say I can’t believe how much that is going to cost me. That will shortly be followed by another playful verbal eruption. Each time I ramp up the volume of the paddle. It’s incredible how long she can play this game. For hours afterward, she will proudly tell me that she can still feel the sting.

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