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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, May 30, 2014

Lap Photos - I

This eye candy post should appeal to the degenerate men, like myself, who get a thrill from seeing a flash of thigh. Personally, I prefer a little revealing more than pure nudity. I saw one Tumblr site that was made up solely of pictures the guy had taken of women seated and showing some thigh in venues like weddings where they women were dressed in their best.

Male bottoms see a female lap and think how they would like to lay over it and be spanked. Well this series of posts should interest them. While I don’t care the OTK position for myself, I like these pictures.

Some of the pictures are just pictures of women with great legs. These is no explicit suggestion in the picture that spanking is contemplated. They are not holding a hairbrush or motioning for you to lay over their laps. Still, for me, they scream spanking.


fmlap005 fmlap019 

fmlap025 fmlap033

fmlap035 fmlap081

You want to see more?


  1. As a corollary to this welcome feature, there was once a yahoo group that had dozens of photos of
    women's skirts displayed in their wrinkled state, allegedly following an energetic spanking where a man's
    abdomen was intimately adapted to the lap graced by one of those skirts. Very creative and

    1. Wrinkled state? We are fans of pressed clothes, but send us one of the pictures and we might post it. Thanks.

  2. Can never have enough lap pictures. Great food for the imagination. Thanks and keep them coming. Nice to see some plaid again from a different perspective.

  3. Yes, laps and spankees are always good. It is important to know other spank and get spanked.

  4. these are some of my favorite lap pictures from the web. i love them. please post more when you get a chance. thank you

  5. Love the Lap pix. I too, add my vote to please post more.

  6. All of them outstanding, but the first one especially gets the imagination racing. He's standing close, just about o go voer her lap and feel the sting of that paddle. Easy to imagine the sound of it impacting his jeans. That is until the jeans are lowered.

  7. Yes please....I think one of the most erotic moments is right before I go over a lap


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