Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



paddle big hurt

I will venture to say this one would get the job done

paddle moap copy

She looks eager


Paddled outside the woodshed


I always liked this material

paddle656 copy

Is the paddle for him or her?

red hot

Want a red paddle that will make a bottom red hot with ease? This is like our oldest paddle. Get one here. Full disclosure: We have no connection with the seller, nor have we purchased from them.


  1. Naughtyboy here who needs a paddling

  2. Wow some of those paddles do look serious, but I do like the looks of that little red one. Funny how we have had many paddles over the years we kinda settle on one particular paddle that we find we use instead of all the others, there is nothing really special about it, it seems, just the right one for us for some reason. I would be curious if others are the same about having a favorite???

    1. @Becki, We do have our favs. Some that seem promising just do not work out. Our little red one is a descendant of one that Bacall put in my stocking our first Christmas. She broke it on me. I got another Bolo paddle and glued it to the broken one. The double thickness makes for one with a LOT of sting. It's the one she uses when she just has to paddle me OTK hard and fast to get it out of her system.

  3. "Paddled outside the woodshed" is a Nu-West photo of the late Ed Lee.


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