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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Next Wife

For years when Bacall forgets to do something like bring me a cup of hot tea or give me an enthusiastic back rub, I say “My next wife will do so-and-so”. Then I start listing the things my next wife will have to enjoy doing. It’s a long list and after enumerating the qualities for a few seconds, I redirect my mind to more productive endeavors. Bacall, in spite of her blemishes, simply can not be improved on. I am blessed.

For instance, how many women enjoy cooking and are good at it? That one attribute alone thins the prospective pool to a few thousand women at best. Bacall is near gourmet. While I can do a few things in the kitchen, and I don’t mean mac and cheese, she is excellent.

How about a spanking partner? One that enjoys switching? Now my prospects are down to less than dozen and I fear half of them look like Lady Gaga.

I think I will keep her around.


  1. That is so sweet, and funny too. Funny that my hubby tells me same thing all the time, like if we run out of something, I will get "a good wife would not let us run out of that" or "my next wife would not". Sweet in that you feel that you two are a perfect match. We are the same here too, we tease a lot but know that it would be almost impossible to find another match like the two of us. Like you said, even with all of his wonderful qualities, where else can I find a guy who likes to paddle my bottom, and then turn around and get the paddle from me. So I do know how you feel....By the way his latest tease when I turned 60 was that he was going to trade me in on two 30 year olds!!! Of course my comeback was that he could not handle two 30 year olds.....It is a good life...enjoy...

  2. I do not want to try even one 30yo. Some of them may be cute, but they offer me nothing else.

  3. You two are perfect together.



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