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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, March 3, 2014

Your Weird Kink

You guys are weird, not me.

The first kink I learned about on the Internet [this was back in 1995 when Netscape was brand new] was that some folks get off on wearing wet jeans. There are TV ads that cater to a market niche that likes to wear jeans on the beach and get them wet and sandy. My only thought about wet jeans is getting them off, not getting off from wearing them. You guys are weird, not me.

This site shows what kinks are being searched for right now. I don’t know how many readers here look up that sort of stuff, but based on some of the names chosen by followers of OBB, I would say more than a few of you. You guys are weird, not me.

Since my discovery about wet jeans, I have learned about other kinks, especially those that men like. Gee, you guys are strange. The things I come across referenced on some F/M blogs such as men not being allowed to orgasm. This takes many forms from being locked up in a cage, to their significant other just not allowing them to masturbate and have intercourse to orgasm. Of course, they ask for this restriction. I am after every orgasm I can have and they are passing on them. You guys are weird, not me.

This concludes my harangue to my readers – for this week anywho. You never know when more mistreatment will be heaped on you, so stop by regularly to ensure you get your fair share of abuse.

Now relax and listen to “Ace” singing the Monkey and the Engineer.

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