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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


What age were you when you got your first adult bare-bottom spanking? 25 (I don’t count the few hand spanks I got from prostitute in the Philippines when I was 20)

Was it administered by an acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife or professional? Wife.

Was it for punishment, fun or foreplay? Foreplay.

What was her response to it? Delighted, curious, obliging.

If your significant other WAS INITIALLY interested, has her interest grown with time or lessened? Grown.

Would you say your desire to be spanked has grown or lessened over the years? About the same.

How often are you spanked as an adult now - approximately? Every 5 to 10 days.

Are you ashamed or accepting of this desire? No choice but to accept it.

I prefer to be spanked with: a wood paddle.

What added attractions do you desire with your spankings: NONE of these: mouth-washing, corner time, forced feminization, temperature taking, prostate massage, strap-on, fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming.

Do you like to be spanked in roleplay, real life situations, or no situation? Anything but real life.

If you like roleplay do you like your spanker to be; mommy, aunt, teacher, boss, neighbor, friend's mother, therapist, girlfriend, wife. Any but mommy.

What age do you like to play when being spanked: Adult.

For true offences, made-up ones or NONE?  None.

What stage do you like to be spanked to: pink, red, to tears? Red.

How do you feel about marks?  It does not happen, but it would be OK, not desired.

While being spanked do you feel: Both turned on and enjoyment.

While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm. So hard a cat can not scratch it.

What kind of spanker's dress do you prefer (prim, matronly, conservative, everyday casual, provocative, overtly sexual) Any of the choices, just not too casual.

Have you been spanked in front of others? Yes, by people I knew.

What positions to be spanked in appeal to you the most? Bending over, kneeling on all fours, hands on the wall.

Have you ever been spanked to tears? No, and it’s not desired.


Your Turn


  1. As an adult my first spanking was from an older lady I was seeing, I was 26. She had mentioned at times I needed one, but I never thought much about what she said. It was a Sunday afternoon and I quickly learned she was serious, I stood before her, my behavior had gone far enough and given the option of not seeing her or doing as told I did as told. She wasted no time pulling my pants down and underpants and talk about a spanking, I was squirming, kicking and yes I cried.I find spankings necessary, there is enjoyment, but for me stress relief, like someone being in charge. They must be a traditional spanking (otk) and one should be crying.
    I did the spanking dance until told to stand facing the wall, hands at side.
    No role playing, only the real thing. Today I'm married to a woman my age, she was a friend of the older woman and so knew about the spankings. I'm still spanked, sent to the bedroom, wait, my wife enjoys making me wait, she pulls pants and underpants down, scolds me and the over her lap. Hand first then hairbrush, cornertime and she is very good at giving a spanking. She also feels if one must be spanked as an adult, then they are just a naughty little child and will be treated as such. I'm given a bath, wear pj's the remaing part of the day, and worse of all, prior to all of this, if I have an erection she quickly relieves me of that, this is not fun, and the spankings really hurt once the erection is gone. Sex is not for children.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I would say your way of being spanked is predominate in males. While some form of DD is most common in women. Bacall and I are out on the fringe as we use spanking only to enhance sex.

  3. Couple of questions.

    Are there any other kinky (other than spanking, though I don't regard spanking as kinky) you or Bacall would like to try?

    Who would you say gets spanked the most or is it about even?


  4. We don't think of spanking as kinky either. OK, I did until I was 40 or so. It's not something we advertise, but I would rather be discovered as a spanko, rather than having affairs.

    No, spanking is the only "kink" for us. Makes us really boring huh?

    I would say we both get about the same number of spankings. This morning she was all about spanking me. I told her I would be happier is we shared licks. And so we did. We both get turned on spanking or being spanked.

  5. Wish I could copy and paste this.
    My first adult was my 21st birthday spanking by a friend with my frat paddle. It was bare and she really laid it on.
    She did it because I wanted it. It was a one time event.
    My wife was not interested but gave me a birthday paddling when I turned 25. We went through stages where she would spank and stages where she would not. Now after 32 years it is a regular part of our play.
    My interest has continually grown. I trust my wife to say when I've had enough.
    I'm spanked multiple times a week depending on my work schedule and our private time.
    I'm accepting of TTWD now. It helps that my wife understands. This was not always the case I've even sought counseling in the past.
    I prefer the wooden paddle. I guess that comes from my southern childhood. I also like the strap. It's like an intense massage to me.
    As for situation as long as I get a red butt I'm in although I don't do punishment. In role play I love naughty school boy. I also at times like going back to a real life strapping I got from my aunt.
    When I'm being spanked my mind goes back to when I'm from ten to thirteen.
    I want my butt red and sore. My wife has taken me to tears a few times and to actual crying once.
    I don't mark. My butt has been purple after a spanking and as white as snow a couple of hours later.
    How do I feel? Well that depends on the mood I'm usually really relaxed or sometimes really feeling it. Spanking is always a turn on for me.
    Due to medications I have a hard time holding an erection but at an earlier age I could have lifted a car.
    Position? My favorite is flat on the bed with my wife standing beside me. I also like bending over the desk for the paddle. We also have an ottoman that I lay on while my wife sits beside me. this really simulates OTK for us.
    I have been spanked to tears although this has only happened a few times and only in the past couple of years.

    1. OK, thanks for sharing. You need tears. That's not even on the edge of our play. We are all so different.

  6. OBB,

    Thanks for answering the questions. I thought it would be quite even with your spanking.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. This was a great Q&A. I was never spanked as a child, not that I can remember. I was sent to the corner for being bad. As a teen and adult I always wanted to be spanked. Something about it Intrigued me. My husband loved to play rough with my tits and about 10 years ago I confessed that I wanted to explore light BDSM and have him spank me. We bought one of those cheap intro kits and for a while he would restrain me and spank me. I loved it but he wasn't crazy about it. Our kids were still young enough to wake up and try to walk in on us plus he had been physically abused as a child so I think it brought back painful memories for him. Over the past few years we went through a rough spell in our marriage and just recently began to rediscover each other sexually and I guess fall back in love all over again. Not getting any younger, I confessed again how much I wanted to be spanked - hard. I am not a submissive person, I am a very strong person with a very stressful and demanding job. I think that contributed to my need to be submissive in the bedroom and dominated by my husband. To give myself - my body to him and for him to do with it as he pleased. I researched it and shared information with him, we talked at length about boundaries and expectations, purchased some implements together and began to introduce spanking which I absolutely love. He was still unsure - not wanting to hurt me but rather wanting to please me. I tried to explain that the pain translates to pleasure. In fact, I will become wet just thinking about it and the minute he begins to strike my bare bottom, I begin to drip with pleasure. Today as I am responding to this post, I am sitting on my bruised and sore ass from a very hard belting last night and the the after tingling pain just makes me want another spanking tonight. Not sure I could handle it but who knows. I know I've rambled but thank you for this forum and your post.

  8. What a delight to read of your personal saga. It's easy to see that you are not submissive in all ways, because of your perseverance to get what you wanted. Congratulations. You seem to be what some call a bedroom submissive. It's entirely natural for men to resist physical hurting of they one they love. It's takes some time for them adjust. Cudo's to your husband for understanding your needs. It does not always work out so well. Always a pleasure to hear from other couples.

  9. I’ve always had the fetish.

    It started at two with self-spankings. By four, I went from male to female in my mind. I preferred the later; I wanted a vagina, but biology overruled, so male it was.

    My second wife was my first partner. I was 45; she was ten years younger. The daddy-daughter routine was a natural, notwithstanding the incestual overtones. At first, she was obliging, but in time, spanking for her was not erotic, so it was my turn, by choice. That didn’t last long: my compromised heart couldn’t absorb the energy.

    Bottoms, especially women’s, are made for consensual spankings, not beatings. For me it’s a sexual thing, not a way to denigrate or subjugate women or cause them harm. Love, communication, and good technique are everything. A hand or hairbrush delivered with measured strokes, never in anger or cruelty, and in moderation is what I prefer.

  10. I would not call it a need but I had wanted to experience it.

  11. What a great blog. Your approach to spanking coincides almost exactly with mine. Wonderful. And that first photo is a stunner. Thanks.


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