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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shopping For Undies

Not so long ago, Ronnie contributed the Brunch question Do you and partner go together to buy underwear to wear specifically for spanking? Do you go alone to choose them? Or does your partner select them for you?

The responses were underwhelming. I was appalled that a question so easy to answer was panned.

While Bacall buys some of her undies, we have always enjoyed shopping together.

This morning I saw these pictures and I think I now understand more about how men view shopping with their mates.

miserable-men-instagram-men-shopping-with-their-wives-and-girlfriends-11 miserable-men-instagram-men-shopping-with-their-wives-and-girlfriends-20


  1. Probably a boring question for Brunch.

    I was laughing to myself yesterday when I was shopping with a friend who was staying with us at the look of total boredom of the men out shopping with their wives.

    Thanks for the mention.


  2. Guess hubby is different, he often buys things he wants to see me wear. I always know he has been thinking about it when he surprises me with new underwear. And we do enjoy shopping for sexy things together too...guess because we both know it will not be long before he will be seeing them on me, and his hand or paddle meeting them too!!!


  3. Very funny but I have to admit I love sitting outside VS and love shopping there.....usually get very turned on with all the panties......thanks

  4. Just catching up on your posts...

    To Ronnie's credit I thought it was an excellent question for the brunch. My problem is I usually miss the brunches. By the time I make it around to those posts they are old news.

    I must say I do not enjoy shopping in general in the least with the one big exception being shopping for lingerie. Shopping at VS has to be on the other end of the spectrum as a total favorite thing to do.


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