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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Downward-Facing Dog

Have you ever tried this Yoga position for spanking? I had a day dream and this image floated across my eyeballs. Not sure where it came from. I don’t think we have used it. I am pretty sure I have never put anyone in the position. But, it sure got my attention and reminded me that we had once again gotten complacent and fallen into using the same positions most of the times. She reminded me that she likes it over the sofa and I promised to make sure that happens more often.

At our next bottom warming session, I went dog down and she put the paddle to me. I was able to maintain position without any difficulty and she remarked that that she had no difficulty putting the paddle to me. It’s new and fresh to us and will be a keeper position.


I suggest that you assume the position and wait for a minute or so for the first paddle lick. I think you will find the interlude in the dog down position to make your mind explore all sorts of ends.

I asked the elves in the vault to send up a picture illustrating either a man or a woman being paddled dog down. They said this was the only thing close to it.


Looks like a picture from Leda. The pointed toe shoes are from that period per Bacall. Short skirts are always in style for me. I think dog down would be a lot more comfortable than knees on a wood chair.


For the grammar police: Which is correct?

I have never put anyone in the position.

I have never put anyone into the position.

We both go with the first one.


  1. To put them, you would have to physically place them in the position.

    Probably best to say that you have never asked someone to adopt the position.

  2. Downward dog is my favorite position for women to assume while I watch the yoga class.

  3. Would hate to be spanked in that position.


  4. I think maybe we are both too old to get into and hold that position, but it sure looks like one we could both use. Like Bacall I think over the arm or back of the couch suits me pretty well for both giving and receiving. Becki

  5. I am not sure that I could get into this position either.

  6. I am sure that if I got in the position that I could not stay in it long enough for my wife to spank me.


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