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Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Panty Drawer

A lot of men have spent time rummaging in women’s panty drawers. I am one of them. Not a lot of time rummaging. And not a lot of drawers, but I am guilty. I should be spanked. If I had a older sister, I am sure I would have reached the level of depravity required to go through her panty drawer. 

In f/m fiction, being caught going through panty drawers or wearing panties are popular reasons for a paddling.
I would like to know how many men have worn panties at one time or another. Maybe I could get a grant to interview women to find out their knowledge on this.

Miss Chris

I have always been open with Bacall about my love of panties and thankfully she accepts my fetish. She likes the feel of my bottom through panties as much I enjoy rubbing my hand over her bottom when she has on some silky ones.

We have long enjoyed going panty shopping together. It’s a cheap date. We often buy matching panties, then go home and paddle one another in them. Call it extended foreplay. We decide to it, drive to a store, shop, and then drive home; the anticipation building all the time.

One time, she wanted me to paddle her in every pair she had in her good panty drawer. We didn’t make it. After a half dozen pair or so, I ravaged her. The girl has too many panties. hmmm, I don’t recall her ever trying the same with me.

panties couple10

I had this post uploaded for publication. I woke up this morning and realized that I had wanted to take a picture of us in our new panties. So I put a pair on and walked in the den where Bacall was reading. She admitted that she had been thinking the same thing. So she put on the other pair and we paddled each other. And then did you know what. A fine way to start the day. Panties and paddling go hand-in-glove.

Thin are they?


  1. Yes sir and still do at any opportunity......I love any site of a lady in a panty, just the hottest sight to me. I cherish panty peaks and yes sir I have worn them as well. My dream scene is to be caught by my neighbor in her panty drawer and all that comes with it. I need to find the right lap to do this with but I so love panties. Also my favorite spanking is to spank a lady oover her panty for a long time, and I always finish spankings by pulling the panty back up and spank more. Love it totally. Bravo for sharing this one, love it and just love panties.

  2. Definitely a panty (knicker ) wearer.
    God knows why they feel so good and so naughty at the same time. Must be my feminine side. Rummaging through my Aunt's underwear drawer led to a spanking at aged 11 and that was it - I have been a spanko ever since. Not sure if my approves or merely tolerates my fetish but she has never said no.
    Good post and love the image of the couple. (yours too of course)

  3. I love to wear my wife's panties and she does allow me to do so occasionally. She has a small drawer of special panties, "fancy panties" that she has set aside to have me wear.
    Have had a few times over the years that I have found female relative's panties left out or in a bathroom or laundry bin. What a thrill that has been, especially if there is occasion to put them on myself for even a very short time.
    Haven't ever been spanked for wearing them but that is a thrilling fantasy to think of my niece spanking me for being caught in her panties, or in her case I should say thong.


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