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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paddled in the sanctuary

Kinky sex in the sanctuary, embezzlement and racy photos are causing scandal at one of San Francisco's oldest Catholic churches.

The accusations flying out of the National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi have led to the 'comprehensive investigation of alleged improper behavior' involving the shrine's volunteer chairman, William McLaughlin and admin- assistant, Jhona Mathews, 33 - costing them both their jobs.


According to shrine spokesman, Larry Kamer, a police report was filed last week alleging that Mathews had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from the church. Mathews, in turn, has filed a sexual harassment claim against the church, alleging that McLaughlin forced her to have sex with him inside the church's sanctuary.

'McLaughlin spanked her and forced her to engage in sexual intercourse with him' in order to keep her job, alleged Sandra Ribera, who is acting as Mathews's attorney.

'Paddling with a wooden paddle, getting spanked in the sacristy of the shrine of St. Francis, which Catholics know, it's just appalling to hear as a Catholic and having sexual intercourse in the shrine of St. Francis,' added Ribera.

McLaughlin, who is believed to be in his 60s and is a wealthy Marin County real-estate developer, acts as the chairman of the shrine's volunteer program.


  1. She looks like a very jolly girl and I am sure she was not averse to having her bottom warmed after a sip of the altar wine. The Catholic Church has always gone in for a bit of flogging so nothing new there and I guess he took his fair share of spanks from Sandra, by way of absolution.

  2. Yes, the cleansing of guilt, with a spot of bubble celestial wine, and be given a good spanking on her bare behind. Would be an excellent way. And thoroughly deserved.

  3. Wondering how culpable she is on this one.....but let's face it you are taking some chances spanking someone like this.....i do not like the forced sex, that stinks.


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