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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, November 11, 2013

Girls In Yoga Pants

I was looking at a non-spanking web site other day that has links to articles of interest to me, such as science, history, culture and always some pictures of women, some nudes. I don’t share his tastes in women, but once in awhile one will catch my eye. This one sure as heck did. Takes my breath away. Even the lovely Bacall did not have this when she was 25.

Girl-in-Yoga-PantsIt was labeled Girls in Yoga Pants. I decided to Google that phrase and see if there were more. Hell, yes. I keyed in ‘Girls in’ and Google suggested ‘Girls in Yoga Pants’ with 44 million links. I looked at a few of the sites, but saw nothing as dramatic as the one above. I have seen a few of these pants in the wild, but I had no idea how popular they were. I am just commenting on and trying to catch up with the culture. You pervs can Google for your own well shaped bottoms in yoga pants.


How about a Willie classic. He is backed by an orchestra with strings. His Trigger is not in sight.


  1. I think she's actually a very skinny girl trying to steal two melons from the supermarket by hiding them in her pants.

  2. Yoga pants rock. My one and only attempt at at attending a yoga class was too distracting. I spent the whole time watching bottoms of younger women in a variety of positions. Downward Dog is a peach.

  3. I am surprised you aren't familiar with what I consider a "fashion blessing" to an ass man. :)

    Such a favorite subject of mine in fact, I have posted about it on my blog specifically before:

    and as a key part to a storyline here:


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