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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

End Of Summer

It seems odd, to me, to talk about the end of summer, since it is over 90 degrees and will remain so for some few weeks. However, after Labor Day, tradition says Summer is over. You put away your white clothes for whatever is not white and not too damn hot to wear.
Bug eyes

So with this picture, I bid Sumer adieu.
Let's take another look. Could it be someone we know on a birthday trip to Spain? I don't want to leave!

A reader sent us several pictures of young lasses in short plaid skirts, so here is yet another edition of those wonderful garments.

Short plaid skirt42
Just right, covers nothing, playful house wear 

Short plaid skirt100
What's with the boots? To keep her from kicking? I hope the handcuff key does not get lost.

Short plaid skirt101That's going to burn

Oh, yeah, there are still a few more cheerleaders to post. And that's in keeping with the end of summer. Until then.


  1. Very sad to see the end of summerand all those girks going back to pant suits.

    No more lobster on the beach for you guys I suppose.

    The Spanish tourist will be some what redder than that by now, I would imagine.
    Thanks for the images. Very cheerful.

  2. But here in NJ the weather is still summer the panty.

  3. Ah but NJ weather is still summer like! Love the panty.


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