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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Gets You Off?

….if you really want to know about a person’s hidden sexual desires, then find out what’s in his or her mind’s eye during the deepest throes of masturbation.

In one study with 141 married women, the most frequently reported fantasies included “being overpowered or forced to surrender,” and “pretending I am doing something wicked or forbidden.” [That's Bacall] Another study with 3,030 women revealed that “sex with a celebrity ,” “seducing a younger man or boy,” and “sex with an older man” were some of the more common themes. Men’s fantasies contain more visual and explicit anatomical detail whereas women’s involve more story line, emotions, affection, commitment and romance. [ah ha, so pictures of female genitals get you off huh? Doesn't work for me, but have at it]

This conjuring ability to create fantasy scenes in our heads that literally bring us to orgasm when conveniently paired with our dexterous appendages is an evolutionary magic trick that I suspect is uniquely human. It requires a cognitive capacity called mental representation (an internal “re-presentation” of a previously experienced image or some other sensory input) that many evolutionary theorists believe is a relatively recent hominid innovation.

What gets me off is when I picture myself being paddled or when Bacall paints such a picture in my ear while she has me in one hand and the paddle in the other.

So tell us what is in your mind's eye just before you explode?
Come on, share your's in a comment.


  1. "The caning is just coming to and end and I am told to stand up and put muself in the corner, with my hands on head and feet apart. I hear my wife removing her clothes and then she comes up behind me. Passing one hand in front of me she grasps my erection firmly and then thrusts her cool hips up against my scorched bottom. Grinding with her mound she simulates fucking me and tells me what a naughty boy I am and how I deserve more frequent punishment."

    Oops, sorry, gotta dash off now.

  2. Sorry two misspellings.Too much haste not enough checking.

  3. God I love that photo. Are you keeping?

    The words get me especially when I'm over his lap.


  4. Well simple, two things, either a bottom in a nice panty over my knee or me laying over a caring lap in a panty for an otk spanking.
    OTK, panty and spankings.


  5. I usually replay in my mind one of the spanking stories I have read. They are oldies but goodies, and always do the trick.


  6. Imagining myself in a M/m spanking situation either contemporary or historical. As I have been happily married many, many years and we do spank I have never had this experience although we have discussed it. But the thoughts of M/m or M/M on either side are extremely erotic for me.

  7. Like you, almost always gets me 'there' imagining getting paddled by a woman, usually Cora. Often I will have a story in front of me, too.

    But what will really 'ring my bell' is hearing Cora stirring upstairs as I am just about 'there' knowing that I might get 'caught' and subsequently taken over her knee for a thorough spanking with her hairbrush or OTK spanking paddle.


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