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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Six Of The Best

As far as I know six of the best is a British phrase that means six firm strokes of the cane. It might have originated in the boarding schools that we have all read about, where headmasters, and sixth forms and other terms not familiar to American ear are common. 
Wherever you live, there is no one implement that feared more by most and loved by so few, as is the cane. I view it as the most exquisite of all implements. It takes skill to use. When done right the effect is to be treasured.

Here are six of the best of my collection of caning pictures collected over the years from the web. I don't recall ever having one taken while I was using the cane. A pity as I am not likely to use one again.

I always retain watermarks, so if you are the owner of any these not marked, I will gladly remove or credit them as you may direct.


  1. All nice images. I remember the Janus one from "magazine" days when there was not the overload of imagery available that there is now.

  2. Very nice. 1 and 3 my favourites.


  3. Nice ones, I am not a fan of the cane at all.....took 12 one time as pure punishment for something I said, was incredible.

  4. My nom de plume, suggests that my favorite spanking implement is the cane. Yes, a find that caning a naughty woman on her bare bottom, brings out my sexual erotic feelings to the fullest degree.

  5. Yes, Bogey as you have stated "Six of the best" refers to six strokes of a cane, given to you across your bare bottom" Yes, it is associated with the British, for that is where I learnt and witnessed such corporal punishment given. I grew up in England, and went to school there. One day the headmaster caught three teen-age girls smoking, which of course was forbidden. He assembled the whole school the next morning, and ordered the three naughty girls to appear before him front and center. After lecturing to them about their misdeeds. He ordered each of them one by one to bend over a stool. Where he commanded each of them to raise their dress waist high, and take down their knickers. Then he proceeded with a CANE to SWISH this corporal punishment implement onto their tender bare bottoms. Giving each naughty school-girl "Six of the Best" strokes. Yes, I will admit, I was overjoyed, and loved every minute of their humiliation. Plus the fact that he put them into a corner, to stand their for about an hour, displaying their just CANED painfully striped red naked rear ends. To this very vivid day, for I am now 81 years of age, I have beautiful memories of this corporal punishment called "Six of the Best". That is why I chose the 'nom de plume'.


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