Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just Fun

Today, just a few images that will sure as heck will not get Chrossed. Only half dozen of the 700 OBB posts have been featured on Chross and those were not ones that I thought were of any significance. Every week he features a few posts that are worthy of wider attention. While most of the rest I would not post here. Certainly a case of different tastes. We post what interests us and I suppose he features what interests him. As it should be.

Fun not a morning person
Ronnie recently posted  a picture showing a lass over the shoulder, so I will dedicate this one to her. As he is wearing a bath robe, I always thought of him as not a morning person.

Fun paddle girls with
Sorority? I don't think so. Note the eye hook in the foreground. I am thinking it's a spanking bench and the little darlings are looking forward to a paddling.

Hold everything
The artist Elvgren had a series of drawings showing women with problems in the elastic of their panties.

Lost panties

A very popular woman. Does little for me. I would not care to spank her. I think both she and her fans are fans of her bottom. 


  1. I think this post is very Chross-worthy. If not, then I enjoyed the pictures anyway.

    I loved the sorority paddle picture. the Greek letters will be imprinted on the pledges' bare bums.


  2. Love the pic and that paddle looks serious in his hands....ah panty that loses it stretch! Nice one

  3. Love the pictures but don;t like the look of the paddle he's carrying. Thanks for the mention.


  4. Don't think the pin-ups are Elvgrin, it's not his style, but I can't remeber who it is.


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