Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home and School Paddling - V

When we left our teenagers, they had been caught finger delicti by Mom. Some readers expect Mom to give them a good thrashing.

Perhaps like this. I don't think I have ever seen a picture with both a male and female shown. Have you? If so, send the picture.

I have always wanted to play out a scene like this one.
Two over

Or maybe you expected this. 
F fm
However the fates and common sense intervene. What have they done wrong? They are 18 and have enjoyed paddling one another and engaging in mutual masturbation. Where the harm? No one will get preggers or contract an STD. I think Mom shows good judgement in taking no punitive action.
Fates? You do recall your Greek or Roman mythology don't you?

PS, this may be out last post for awhile. Don't know, we maybe entering a black hole the cell network.

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  1. Hi there. Thanks for these images -both good for the imagination.
    I like the concerned/worried female partner in the second one.


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