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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home And School Paddling - IV

I have written about spanking some of the gals I dated in high school and beyond. I have written about getting paddled in high school. But nothing like this ever happened. When you first experience something new and like it, you crave more. How about this for a male spanking fantasy story line? [Not a story, just an outline. I don't like writing dialog]

The male spankee is 40 plus, but through some warped worm hole, he shows up at the local high school as an 18 year old. 

He is sent to the principal's office for a grave and repeated infraction. The principal gives him 10 paddle licks, the maximum allowed. However she is not satisfied.  She wants to really paddle him. Through devious means and a phone call to his home she gets him to agree to walk to her home after school for a proper paddling. There will be no limit on the number of licks at her home.

He shows up at the appointed time and is greeted by the principal's daughter. He knows her casually. He has a class with her, but he did not know who her Mother was. He is, of course, embarrassed, but she tells him she knows why he is there and he is not the first to endure her Mother's after school paddling's. They chat for a few minutes. When her Mother arrives she disappears.

In short order, he is pants down over the dining room table and she lays into him with a wood paddle. When he leaves, they both know he has been well paddled. [You can fill in the sounds of the paddle cracking on him, his exclamations and her admonishments to remain in position]


 A real principal would not have a cardboard desk and she would be able to get to the desk chair. But, I do like her form fitting outfit.


Perhaps this is the story's female spanker on her home turf

Now it gets interesting. He chats up the daughter at school and they soon find they have a common interest - getting paddled turns them on. Not the bottom bruising type of paddling he got from her Mother, but more moderate sessions. They begin seeing each other on the sly and tentatively paddling each other. At first, the paddle is given over underwear, but it's not long until they both want it on the bare bottom. This leads to mutual masturbation. They get careless. They are on the sofa with bright pink bottoms. Their tongues are interlocked, she is fondling his jade stalk while he is paddling her pink canoe. [You can fill in the oos and ahs] Her eyes half-open, then open wide when she sees her Mother in the doorway watching. She sits up and he wonders what is going on. Then he sees Mama. Their clothes are across the room. They want to cover up, but they will have to get up to do so. They think they are in deep trouble. But, punishment is not on Mom's mind. She talks with them and it seems to them that she is OK with their behavior.

I wonder what happens next? Whatever it is, I am sure it will be fun and consensual. That's the way it is at OBB.

PS, you knew they would be switchy, this is OBB after all.





  1. It's got possibilities. But Mom being ok with it? I don't think so. She'd forbid him to see daughter unless he agreed to you-know-what. Make this the climactic scene though and cut out the paddling at home.

    BTW, hot enough for you now?

  2. If Mom is not OK with it, I will not be able to go with my fantasies.

  3. I am old enough that in grammar school we were spanked OTK by the nuns with small paddle or hairbrush...when you really were in trouble you got a heavy paddle. Same in high school, paddlings were almost every day and no one was asked permission. In fact in grammar school a note went home adivsing your mom you were spanked and most times I got a second dose over mom's knee.

    Nice pic of a well paddled bottom.


  4. This is why I enjoy OBB so much. Your spanking interests are very much in line with mine, and unlike that found in most other blogs on the subject -- and that includes the switch aspect. Your fantasy is a major turn-on, and I am very turned on at the moment after reading it and interjecting myself in the scenario. I do believe the mom/principal will be paddling both of their bottoms, and they will be consoling each other afterward.

  5. Thanks Styxman! Rare to find someone that shares our little corner of the world.

    If Mama spanks them, they will enjoy it, no consoling necessary.

  6. "Form Fitting Outfit", indeed! Wow, wish I had a principal like her when I was in school. Its hard to tell but is there evidence of a girdle and garters?

    Great 'story' and a fun fantasy.

  7. Yes Ken, I am positive that she wears a girdle. She would have to wear one, if this "story" is continued. And so does her daughter. Not that either one of them really needs one.

  8. That's a senario from my dreams lol


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