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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dressed For Spanking

Perhaps our three regular readers noticed that we did not post much in June. Well, I blew through our allotment of gigabytes downloading software for the new Mac. So we had to go without for two weeks. Bacall has been very needy for her surf time.

It's normal for us to dress for a spanking. I don't mean tails or pearls and white gloves, but tailored outer wear and some sexy underwear. We posted about this a month or so back and got some agreeable comments.

spankedbywife has left a new comment on your post "Well Dressed": 

Another very elegant post. And yes, 'dressing up' seems to be a lost art.

Cora and I are addicted to watching movies and TV series from the 50's and early 60's (Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Twilight Zone, etc.) and its amazing to see how the women dressed then. And its obvious they are well girdled and sometimes a glimpse of a garter or stocking top shows up. 

And while it may be a bygone era, when I take Cora out to one of the nice restaurants here in Seattle, you can be sure that she will be turning heads wearing her dresses, heels and seamed stockings.

Good thing we don't live in Seattle Ken, as I would not be able to eat my dinner for trying glimpse her garter.

Njspank has left a new comment on your post "Well Dressed": 

I mentioned this on another blog, remember ladies slips? It was a wonderful thing when you got to catcha glimpse of a slip.These are lovely pictures of two lovely ladies, love the panties.
Thank you Ron

smuccatelli has left a new comment on your post "Well Dressed": 

I would say the two lovely ladies in the pics are more like "well undressed". And I heartily approve of their choice of outfits!
Lingerie like that melts my mind. Which is, of course, one reason why women wear it.

Mistress Erica has left a new comment on your post "Well Dressed": 

THIS is why I love to dress up! I don't dress for others; I dress because when I do, I feel better about Myself. When I go out in public in 'full face', in my best lingerie under My clothes; my clothes carefully chosen, I turn heads everywhere I go, and I LIKE it. Partner has just discovered the joy of what he calls 'grownup clothes', and he loves it too!
I know what you mean. I always feel better about myself when well dressed. Those younger than 40-something have no idea what we are talking about.
This lady is well dressed and I suspect well tended. Thanks Tex.
Adjusting Stockings
Here is a lass, near and dear to my heart, dressed for a spanking. Plaid skirt, white panties and thigh-hi's.

See you at the gala.
B  B Style


  1. Thanks for the note, love your postings and yes again to me a nice dress, skirt, and overall clothes makes a spanking or paddling so much more fun. Of course a nice panty is a must, and I comment as both a lap and a bottom. The art of dressing up is long gone, oh well, I guess that is why we cherish our spanking scenes.


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  3. Bogey-
    I am sure Cora wouldn't mind you staring at her garter bumps!

    And she never leaves home without at least one of her girdles.

    P.S. Love the new 'opening pix'!

  4. Wearing something special can definitely add to a nice spanking experience.

  5. I love when woman are dressed with sophistication, such as a night out on the town, their outfit would include evening gown, slip, garter-belt and stockings. Then upon arrival at home, I would with casual demure, order her to bend over, raise her gown waist high, pull down her silk panties, to bare her bottom, and cane her. One can dream such memories.


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