Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home And School Paddlings - III

Well, nothing of great or small import to share with you today. I could post some pictures of women seated and suggest that they want to spank you. I could even write captions on them. But, there are already plenty of sites to see that sort of stuff. Besides, if I want a paddling, I need only to ask Bacall. Lucky me.

There are those that take up skirt pictures. Could be the same wieners who take pictures of their wieners. Maybe there are also men that take pictures of women seated just to post on I Dream Of Being Spanked sites. Nothing wrong with that. There is not even a code for it in DSM-V.

Here is an attractive friendly looking lass. Nice lap, but I really doubt she is thinking about spanking anyone. But I could be wrong.
OK, how about some men getting the board? 
That's a great moment of contact picture. Don't you think? And someone has added captions and removed the copyright notice. How nice. I spent some time in that position as a lad, but never bare bottom. Now I can enjoy it. 
Holy Moly! Two handed. After a glass of whiskey, I might take a coupla pops from her.


  1. Wow, that first picture is extraordinary, she is so lovely and man oh man, wish she were calling me over her lap, I think about two things when I see ladies sitting like that, what kind of panty do they have on and do they spank?

  2. Like the two-hander. A fun way to spend an afternoon.

  3. Hmmmmm . . . did not know there was a DSM V; still in the ol' DSM IVr. Better check and see whether my diagnosis has been excised. . . or upgraded. Thanks. And yes, that two hander looks like it might be a worthy opponent.

  4. The last picture reminds me of baseball... BATTER UP!!!


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