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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spencer Paddles

In a recent post, "Home and School Paddling", I used a picture that had a paddle with holes in it. The paddle had a few comments.

I'm a warm up girl, both giving and receiving. That looks like quite a paddling, too. You need to be careful with Spencer paddles, while they do the job they can also blister. - Aunty Andrea

I've heard of Spencer paddles but luckily never had the pleasure of one. – Ronnie

I am a warm up guy....ouch, the paddling's are hard and fast for me. Nice post and hate the Spencer paddle, too serious for my tastes but it does leave an impact. – Ron


Here is our take on paddles with holes in them, Spencer paddles to some. They are no more and no less than a like wood paddle that does not have holes. There are many variables in how a paddle feels, and it is not limited to the paddle itself, but also to how it is applied. If a wood paddle is used like club, it is going to feel like a club. There is a right way to do it. Stop by and I will be pleased to demonstrate until you fully understand.

As for the paddle itself, there are many variables, such as density of the wood, length and width, thickness and so on. I have made many paddles and I never know for sure how it is going to feel until I test it. My product tester has always been Bacall. We both like sting over thud, so our paddles are made from low density woods, such as southern pine or birch. If a paddle tests OK, I may take the time to drill holes in it – just for show. Bacall’s personal fav paddle has holes.

If the paddle will be used on the bare skin, I suggest counter sinking the holes so skin does not get pinched. That would not be a good thing. The paddle below does have the holes countersunk. I would have made them a little wider.



I like this woman, she looks like she can make a bottom smart, but she does not have a good grip on the paddle.


The Spencer paddle The Holy Terror of implementsA better grip with the thumb on top.


  1. Nothing like the sting of a broad paddle followed by a circular rub and then another sting and so on, ad infinitum.
    Would have loved to taste a session with Clare.

  2. I much prefer a small wooden paddle to the larger ones like the Spencer paddle. Looks far too large.


  3. @Michael, I think I might like her too.

    @ronnie, not talking size here, only holes. Bacall's fav paddle is much smaller than the one pictured.

  4. Again not a big fan, I got a dozen once with the spencer, thoses holes are deadly and I could not sit or walk easily for over a week. It was fun however!

  5. By the way Audrey Knight was one amazing lap and spanker, she is beautiful!

  6. I must admit that I love the 'Spencer Paddle'. All the ones pictured in your post appear to be from Nu-West/Leda or at least copies. I purchased two when they were still available (15-20 years ago) and have been able to successfully reproduce them. They are made from 7 ply birch plywood (and seems virtually indestructible) and as you say, pack a whale of a sting. I agree that the holes may not make much of a difference but there is definitely an 'intimidation' factor from the holes as they seem to advertise, 'This Paddle is Strictly for Spanking'. And the whistling sound they make as the pass through the air is an advance announcement of the impact soon to follow.

    As usual, great post.

  7. I would LOVE to be tied in position for a good dose of the Spencer Paddle from my Girlfriend. 25 to 30 good solid swats followed by a nice stiff pegging from her Strap-On would be heavenly.

  8. My wife loves the Spencer Paddle. She knows it really hurts and makes sure I know who the boss is in our marriage.


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