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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kissing The Gunner's Daughter

Sometimes a new fantasy just leaps up and grabs you.

I was downloading Kaelah’s most recent video clip and left the computer to do it’s thing while I was outside doing a chore. I have long known of her interest in military punishment of the sort dispensed by the British Navy to young lads prior to 1860 or so. The punishment was known as kissing the gunner's daughter. You can read more about it here if you are not familiar with it. I served in the US Navy, but being flogged has never a fantasy of mine. But, the mind works in strange ways. While outside, I suddenly visualized myself being caned in my Navy whites by Kaelah. Holy shocker. Yep, there I was bent over a gun, my bell bottom whites stretched tight and she was making me sing while she enthusiastically thrashed me with her cane. Good thing, we are half a world away and there are no cannons around here.


  1. I am sure that you would have taken your caning like a man. Nice mental image thanks.
    Thanks for the link to the video. Shame the Corpun artist did not think of doing a set of images with a female whipper. One for Banjo maybe.

  2. Kaelah a perfect choice.

    Did you tell Bacall of your recent fantasy?

    Thanks for the link, haven't seen the video.


  3. @Michael - not at sure I would have taken it "like a man". I am not stoic. In fact, I get bored when I see some being spanked and they just take it.

    @Ronnie, Yes, I told Bacall and she reads the blog. I don't know if Kaelah would be the perfect choice for me. Nothing against her at all, but I like a bit of warmth in my spankers and in her writings that does not come across. Do Germans have fun? I am sure she will ring in with an answer.

  4. Perhaps Captain Bacall could use a cane to provide the leverage she needs now in rehab when the paddle is still a bit too much to swing?

  5. I like your little fantasy scenario, Bogey!

    As for Germans and fun: You know, there's a strict rule in Germany which says that we must not have any fun or at least must not show it when any foreigners are around. After all, we have a worldwide reputation which has to be preserved! ;-)

    Joking aside: Yes, I am certainly a very diligent person and I love to write about thought-provoking topics on my blog and not just about fun stuff (all the time). But still I dearly hope that while being a rather rational individual, I do not come over as being unemotional or even cold in my writing and in our video clips. Because that's far from the truth. I am a very emotional person and deeply care for the people who are near to me. And I also care for the people I play with, be it private fun scenes or scripted scenes for videos!


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