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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home and School Paddling

A large part of my adult fascination with f/m paddling is in fantasies of paddling’s that might happen at home or school. Bacall often plays a school principal as she puts the paddle to my backside. I am easy, no involved fantasies - pants down… assume the position... apply the paddle with vigor.





We are so different about how we like to be paddled. Some want a warm-up. A second group can will themselves to endure the pain until pleasure breaks through.

If I get a warm up, soon the endorphins come out and all I feel is numbness. No pain, no pleasure, just a dull thud. The same thing happens if a paddling is interrupted for a few minutes. Once the chemicals get out, I lose all feeling. Keep paddling, I will have a sore bottom, but that’s not what I want.

The second group must do somewhat like going through surf torture. [SEAL candidates sitting in cold water with the surf breaking over them] Their minds take control and they grit it out. I could never do that. I could never be a SEAL either.

I want about 20 hard licks. All hard enough to make me gasp. Exclaim. Do a little dance. Just give me a few seconds between licks too recover and get back in position.

A third group can take what I get and a lot more, but the licks come very fast and they barely move around, perhaps a muffled exclamation. They amaze me more the second group. Some can have a orgasm while getting hundreds of fast hard licks with a paddle. Incredible to me.


  1. The pic must be from a Christian homeschooler? Holy paddle . . . .. And can her newly rehabbed shoulder come up with twenty hard ones?

  2. I get hard just dreaming of giving the spankings...

  3. I'm a warm up girl, both giving and receiving. That looks like quite a paddling, too. You need to be careful with Spencer paddles, while they do the job they can also blister.

  4. I am from the side which likes them hard and plentiful.

  5. I've heard of Spencer paddles but luckily never had the pleasure of one.

    I like a warm up first but not all the time.


  6. I am a warm up guy....ouch, the paddlings are hard and fast for me. Nice post and hate the Spencer paddle, too serious for my tastes but it does leave an impact.


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