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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Saturday, Another Try

For a change, we had no plans today. We slept until 7. That’s late for us. Perhaps, an hour later because Bacall dropped the water bottle in the middle of the night when she missed the headboard after taking a swig.

Reading, surfing, breakfast and suddenly it was 10. Pretty late for me to be starting spaghetti sauce, which takes almost 6 hours prep and cook time. I got to it, while Bacall showered. She came in the kitchen and when she bent over I noted she had on black panties and thin fitted black slacks. I knew her mind was tuned to a naughty channel. I noted she had on one of her fancy bras that she wears for play. I said nothing. After awhile, she could not help herself and said I would know who was getting paddled when I saw what was on the bedspread. I let it pass and continued with the sauce and cleanup. When I took my shower I saw she had the trifecta of her paddles out - Mr. Holey, the Teacher’s and the ever mean red paddle. I figured she was trying to make up for not being able to take what she wanted last Saturday.

Out of the shower, I found her in the den and gave her a lecture about having naughty thoughts and she would definitely be getting a paddling. I started out with her in the position over the bed and applied the Teacher’s paddle to her slacks. Then some pops on her panties with Mr. Holey. All licks were stinging her but not in a good way. Never mind, I “finished” her off bent over a chair with the red paddle. She was just not able to get into it. Such a change since surgery. For the last year or two she has been Miss Tough Bottom, now the opposite.


Well the above was last Saturday. She tried again this Saturday. When I came out of the shower, I saw her holey paddle on the bed spread. She told me she wanted to try again. I was eager to play. I paddled over her panties, not light, not hard, trying to stay in the middle zone. After two dozen or so, she got up, opened the toy drawer and pulled out the teacher’s paddle and asked for four more. This is more like it. I obliged. She was happy, I was rigid.


Between her PT Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the special Saturday PT, soon we will be playing Princess again. I just may have to buy a proper coach.



  1. Sounds like Bacall is on the mend. Good to read.


  2. A very exciting way to spend your Saturdays!


  3. I'm very happy to hear that Bacall's health seems to be improving (slowly but steadily). I think everyone's pain threshold varies from day to day, depending on a bunch of variables. I'm glad that Bacall didn't give up, though, and that she finally got what she was looking for (and you, too, Bogey). :-)


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