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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Both Get It

Well, it is common that we give it to each other, but what I am thinking about has always been a fantasy. That would be a compatible switch couple to play with. We thought we had such a couple some years back, but it never worked. I never figured out why it didn’t. By email and phone everything was copasetic. When we were together they had endless excuses. Why did they drive 200 miles to make excuses? Three times!

We have enjoyed some switchy women, but never a switchy couple. In my fantasy, they would live close by and we would have lots of common interests in addition to spanking. MM/FF, FF/MM and of course mixed doubles.

I have seen very few pictures that illustrate what I am talking about. Here is an oldie, (avocado green frig), that shows mixed couple spanking.



She sure does have smile on her face. Does anyone know if this from a commercial shoot?


  1. Ah, the days of wine and avocado fridges. (Mine was Harvest Gold, with a stove to match.)

    I've never seen that commercial, but I'd buy whatever they're selling:)


  2. It's from Nu-West videos. I can't think of the title at the moment, but you should be able to loo it up on their site.

  3. >Ah, the days of wine and avocado fridges. (Mine was Harvest Gold, with a stove to match.)
    We were in our green phase, new home, avacado appliances and green and gold carpet. We are ashamed.

    >I've never seen that commercial, but I'd buy whatever they're selling:)
    Laughing here. By commercial I meant produced for sale. ie Nu-West.
    But, heck yeah, we would be all over such a product.

  4. It's from a Nu-West vid called, I think, The Poker Game. It was made in the mid-to-late 80's. Now I have a theory bout the participants. They were, I believe, members of a commune run by a guy called the Bagwan Shree Rajneesh that was established in Antelope Oregon. At about this time it is my theory that they participated in Ed Lee's videos as a way to bring in money. I have several reasons for believing this that I'd be glad to share.

  5. Oh yes, we had an avocado fridge, late 60's early 70's vintage would be my guess. Possibly Nu West Leda, but not sure, it does look like fun though.

  6. I'm surprised you haven't found a compatible couple as of yet. There seems to be a lot of switches out there.

  7. @Lea Well, I am sure that part of it that sex is off the table.

    I would agree there are a lot of male switches, but few female switches. You have been to parties. Does that seem about right to you?
    The real trick is to find a couple that switches.

    Thanks for commenting.

  8. I guess the problem is indeed to find a couple that switches and that 1) is living close enough, 2) is about the right age, 3) is comfortable with playing with another couple but 4) doesn't want any sex to go along with it.

    As for switching women and men: I am not sure, but I think I know more women who are willing to switch than men. Many of them are predominantly bottoms, but started to enjoy switching after having been in the scene for some time. That said, many men who are predominantly bottoms seem to be willing to switch as well, whereas several male tops in my experience don't seem to switch at all (or don't seem to be willing to talk about it, maybe because some female bottoms don't want tops who switch). The problem with the female switches I know, though, is that only very few of them seem to switch with their partners. Several seem to be in relationships with pure tops and to live out their toppy fantasies with others only.


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