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Friday, February 15, 2013

School Paddling’s

We needed a post topic and just in time a regular reader wrote:

Bogey- I am envious that you got paddled in school.  Do you think it had anything to do with your interest in spanking (and specifically, paddling) and was it an 'erotic' experience.

I wrote back, Yes, I have no doubt that what was misery for me as a kid is pleasure for me now. And yes, my fascination with wood paddles is no doubt rooted in all the ones that were used on me. But no, it was never erotic then. I was 17 before spanking was erotic for me and then it was delivering a spanking, not taking one. When I was 20 I found I wanted to be paddled as much as I wanted to paddle. No changes since then.

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My frame of reference of a ideal paddling now is the principal and/or teacher putting the wood to me. Bacall is quite adapt in this role.

Most, but not all, of my school paddling’s were over my pants. Once on my underwear and once bare bottom. Five or ten licks was the norm. Once 15 and once 20 licks.

It was usually the ever popular assume the position with me holding my knees or ankles. Sometimes I had to bend all the way across a wide desk holding on to the other side. Nothing has changed here either. I like to bend over to take my licks.

In grade school, my Mother would pick me up from school after a paddling and take me home for a session with her belt or switch.

OK, enough reality. How about some fantasy? How about me as an adult reporting to the principal’s office or for an extended session at her home. She would always have a teacher as a witness and to help her paddle me.

I may do a series of posts on this subject. Would you like that?

Here are two principal’s that I suspect are good at the job.




  1. 20 from the one on the right would be a delight.

  2. I am always fascinated with stories of our 'origins' and yours is very interesting, indeed. I was never paddled in my school years but since about 4th grade was hoping that perhaps I would experience a paddling from one of my female teachers. Since they were 'erotic' thoughts at the time, I am sure that there would have been at least some erotic connection, had I been paddled.

    Of course, we would love to see more posts on this subject. And contrary to Michael M, I'd love to experience a paddling from the woman on the left. I can't help but notice her rather curvy Derriere.

  3. And both ladies are using Spencer paddles. Is that what was used in school? Our principals always had the strap, it wasn't necessarily a leather belt as the name suggests, but it was always referred to as the strap. Some schools used the cane.

  4. American schools of the period used only wood paddles. Some had holes, some did not. Spencer comes from letter of agreement about discipline who's authenic origin has always been dubious for me.

  5. Ah yes the Spencer Spanking Plan. That's one possible reason. I've also read another one that attributes the design of the paddle itself to an American school teacher by the name of Herbert Spencer, but as it was probably in use before then that's also unlikely. The most possible origin is that it was something used in the days of slavery that caused intense physical pain, but didn't mark or scar the way the whip did.

  6. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Where one's interest in spanking came from is hard to answer sometimes. I grew up in an era where spanking was long since banned in schools and only occasionally used in the home. Yet here I am, still a spanko. I do enjoy the roleplay idea of a school paddling though.


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