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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SSS Is Dead

The soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup is defunct. It’s been mostly dormant in recent years, but it was the coming out place for many of us in the mid 90’s.

Jojasa, who was incidentally spanked in our home, kept a roster of the denizens of Assville. This was mine.


Sex: Male

How would you describe yourself (top, bottom, switch, sub, dom, etc.):
A top six days a week

When did you first find the newsgroup?
1995 or 1996

What do you appreciate most about SSS?
The humor and the sharing of experiences.

Your favorite SSS story or author(s):
I'm not going in that briar patch, I like them all.

Describe a favorite scene (real or imagined):
Every time I get it right and she smiles at me

Do you play in real life?

Are you looking for a partner?
Female play partners. I'm very married. My wife and I have played for years.  


Were you there?


  1. SSS was before my time. I didn't have a home computer back then and I don't think we even had internet access at work.

    Sorry to hear it's gone, though. I know other people who first found like-minded spanko friends there.


    1. It served a purpose when most access by low speed dialup. Increased speed and blogs with graphics made newsgroups obsolete. I miss the intimacy.

  2. It is sad that it is gone and that it's forerunner, which appeared in the UK back late 1993, is full of spam. They were a great place to met people and a great source of spanking stories.


    1. Yes, ASS came before SSS. My real name is still out when SSS was voted on. Extra points if know who dropped the nickel to start ASS.

  3. SSS was largely before my time, but it is still sad to see it pass, however it was in part the reason that blogs such as this exist, so it did some good things in it's time.

  4. I remember SSS. Can't believe so many years have gone. So much technology has come along since then. The world is full of spankos it seems but back then it was all hush hush.

  5. Would love to retrieve some of the stories I posted there fifteen years ago but I understand the archives is long lost. Many great memories of the board and no one stands out better in memory than the sainted Book Babe.

    1. I recall Book Babe, tho at this distance I can not recall if the stories stirred me or not.

      I think it was Michele that was my fav. Or maybe not. ADD is not useful for these purposes.

      I put my stories on free hosting site. They went under. I was not smart enough to back them up.

      You might find a led to your stories on one of these links.!forum/soc.sexuality.spanking


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