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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have never been spanked with a slipper or sandal. I can not recall using one either. Like the cane, I think it is a common instrument in Great Britain. Not so much in the USA.

I recall a childhood chum’s Mom using her wooden sandal on him. She caught us smoking at age 14. I thought she was going paddle me with it also. Based on the howls I heard from him, she knew how to use it. Darn handy to have a instrument so convenient to use.


Like slippers, canes and gym pumps are almost unknown in the states. (The generic for gym pumps was tennis shoes when I was a lad. That was before Nike, etc. and $200 shoes)

The popular instruments here are the hairbrush with anything else a distant second. Then in some order, belts, rulers, wood spoons, paddles. Paddles are the only instrument used in schools and not that many schools anymore.

All of the slippers I have seen here would not faze a flea.  Wooden sandals yes.


  1. You must have some tough flees around your way. You only have to look at my blog to see what a good slippering can do, of course it depends on who is holding the slipper...Headmaster is an expert.

  2. I've felt the slipper and sandal and both not to my liking:(


    1. You seem quite adamant about them.
      I say we should get exactly what we want.

    2. And I wouldn't disagree with you in your situation. But in a punishment scenario one very often gets what one doesn't want. Horses for courses as it were.
      No disrespect intended.
      Kind regards. Gary.


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