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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It’s been awhile since I did a WTF post and these photographs have been aging.

wtf - black socks

First, I poke a little fun at the folks at Punished Brats. I will ignore her Hello Kitty tat and comment on his co-ordinated black shorts, socks and shoes. I give this one the Male Tacky Outfit Award. Did her kitty scratch his arm where the Band-Aid is? Is this why there are so many pro ff spankings, because men dress like geeks.


The next one nada to do with spanking. I just marvel at the wackiness of it.

wft bird


In other news, have you noted the countless candid pictures of young folks spanking one another at Bryan’s? Some say spanking is not mainstream. The pictures he posts tell another story. Here is a sample.






I think Richard Windsor posted these. It seems that paddling still goes on at colleges today.


sorority 33

Check the smiles of the guys holding her legs


sorority 34

Her turn at bat


  1. I don't feel spanking is mainstream. I think that some women will do it just to get attention though, sort of like how female friends might kiss each other under the guise of "drunkenness."

    1. I think it is a lot more mainstream than you may think. Witness the recent BBT scene.

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  3. Just found your blog. Hello! I think spanking is more mainstream than many think as well. It's even a fairly regular reference in playful happy hour conversations with the folks from my workplace, none of whom know about my blog - and I'm not the one making the references!

    Also, I think the guy in the first photo is the actor who plays Ted in "How I Met Your Mother." (Not really, but it looks so much like him that it's a little unsettling, because Ted, if you've seen the show, is obviously such a bottom.)


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