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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Are We Phony Baloney?

A few months back Kaelah included this in a post:
Is Ronnie really a 50+ hospitality professional, happily married and happily spanked by a wonderful husband? And are Bogey and Bacall really a couple of switches from the US?

I did not take Kaelah’s post as really questioning if we are real or not. I think Ronnie is as real as they come. I am pretty sure I would enjoy chatting with her sassy self. Surely her husband can not be as stern and unbending as she makes him out to be. He must have sense of humor to be around her. Doesn’t he Ronnie?

As for us? Only you can decide if we are real.


  1. So far as Kaelah is concerned ,if you like Germans you have to be strange so her opinion about anything is suspect.

  2. Then the things that both I and my wife like would cause Kaelah's head to explode! I would love to put that to the test one day.

    Yes, I believe that you and Bacall are real. Why should you not be? Has the concept of relationship such has yours that much odd to some spanking folk? If so, then it is high time to fix that line of thought.

  3. You got me absolutely right, Bogey, my question was only a rhetorical one. I never assumed that Bacall and you or Ronnie aren't real. But there have been cases where people had to find out that someone whom they had met online had used the anonymity of the internet to pretend to be a person he or she wasn't. Or sometimes kinky bloggers or commenters suddenly disappear and nobody knows why and whether they are okay because no-one has any real data. The post you refer to was written when Tim the Tum's account had been hacked and someone had posted a faked message about his death in the name of his wife. So, I decided to write a post about the problems that occur for us kinky bloggers because we usually use nicknames and create a kinky online identity not giving away real data in order to protect ourselves.

    For those who want to read the article in order to get the whole context, you can find it here.

    @ Michael M:
    Have you just been kidding around or do I sense real prejudices against Germans in your comment? The latter would make me really sad, prejudices are one of the most stupid things on our otherwise beautiful planet! Read my whole article if you like and you will find out that there is nothing strange about my opinions. It was just a post about our kinky online identities and the general dangers of identity theft in the online world.

    @ Loki Darksong:
    It seems to me that you also got my comment completely wrong which is understandable since you didn't know the context. Please take a look at my reply to Bogey and / or the link to the post in question and you will see what my completely rhetorical questions were all about. As you might know from my videos for “Dreams of Spanking” which you have obviously watched as I have seen from your comments, I am a switch myself (and I switch with my partner Ludwig), so I am not disturbed by anything Bogey and Bacall do. In fact, I am not easily disturbed by anything which others find erotic, as long as it is safe, sane and consensual.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I think it clears up any confusion that I
      caused by not putting your remarks in full context.

    2. Oh dear. Yet another reason for me not to respond to a post when I am in a bad mood.

      My apologies, Kaelah. That was a good article and I see your point completely. That was a nasty prank. I actually bought into it and was wondering why I was still seeing Tim's posting, but had not the chance to ask what was going on.

      Well we will always have to be vigilante against frauds. Look at some of the profiles on Fetlife. Some of them are pure shyte and are made just to embarrasse us.

    3. @ Bogey:
      I agree. I'm quite confident that any confusion which might have been caused should be cleared up now (at least for those who take the time to read the comments).

      @ Loki Darksong:
      Never mind! I am glad that I was able to clear things up. :-)

  4. Bogey,

    I understand now. Bogey, you should have linked to Kaelah's post:)

    I would enjoy a chat with you and Bacall over a beer any day. P does have a sense of humour, good job living with me but he doesn't let me get away with too much.

    Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas.



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