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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, November 5, 2012

Where's Miss Tough Fanny?

I screwed up. I posted Back From The Woodshed before this one that Bacall wrote. To try to correct my error, I have recalled Back From The Woodshed and appended it to this post. At least the chronology will be correct.

If you want to read more from Bacall, you will have post comments. Flattery goes a long way with her.

Now to Bacall’s lament


We bought the wood shed about a year ago. And then we took an extended trip. I have been anxiously anticipating a trip there. Today it was cool enough play in the woodshed.  I dressed in my blue polka dot panties which indicates to Bogey that I want a good paddling.  I take a leather strap, my small paddle and the teacher's paddle and lay them out for Bogey's use.  I take my jeans down at Bogey's request.  Somewhere along the line, Miss Tough Fanny disappeared to be replaced by Miss Wimpy Fanny.  The leather strap, which I absolutely love, had a harsh sting, so did the hand spanking.  I was feeling sorry and disappointed in myself because I was such a wimp.  Also I was feeling sorry for Bogey because I was such a wimp.  How much fun can it be to spank a wimpy girl, but I don't think it upset him all that much because he then used my small paddle, with me loudly saying "ouch".  You would think that loud ouches would cause at least some sympathy on his part.  After all, I am also feeling sorry for him because I'm a wimp.  But no, he just picks up the teacher's paddle and uses it.

I wonder if I was overly excited about playing the woodshed.  I must admit that I was disappointed in my reaction.  I'll try to be a good girl and just maybe Bogey will take me back once again.


And now comes:

Back From The Woodshed

And so it came to pass that, paddle in hand, I walked the bare legged Bacall to our “woodshed” yesterday morning. She was almost giddy with anticipation. I asked her if her red panties meant she wanted her bottom made to match them. “Yes”, she said. Unlike her last visit to the shed, she was in “Miss Tough Fanny” state. She took her licks with relish and wiggled her bottom to show me to keep them coming.

After I finished her, she wanted to paddle me, so I dropped trou, bent over the workbench and she toasted my backside.

One of the more interesting parts of the morning, for me, was the walk out to and then back from the shed. Bacall was in panties both ways and I did not put on my trousers on the way back. While we have high hedges, if a neighbor was in the right place, they could see us. Maybe at a neighborhood party someone will remark they saw us coming back from the woodshed. We have been to nudist resorts many times, had partial nudity at many spanking parties, but somehow this private exposure was different.


Our Woodshed

That’s my reflection in the window and her panties on the door


  1. Its great to hear Ms. Bacall's point of view. Naturally, I visualized her in the blue polka-dot panties (what a great way to communicate a need for a paddling).

    Its interesting that sometimes I end up not being able to take a spanking from Cora. It doesn't happen often but it does. So I know you felt, Ms. Bacall. But then like me, it probably doesn't happen all that often.

  2. I like hearing both points of view and it is wonderful that you have an actual woodshed.

  3. I did enjoy reading Bacall's side. Lucky having a woodshed.


  4. It must be a little fun to spank a wimpy girl, because people keep spanking me. ;-) Having your very own woodshed must be a lot of fun!

    1. She was disappointed that she was wimpy that day, as she wanted to play hard. Yes, the woodshed will provide us a little fun.


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