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Foolishness since 2007

Monday, October 8, 2012

Do you get erect?

Having lost many my draft posts, I need to start a new batch. So…

I got a note from a woman who asked: Do you get erect when getting a spanking?  If so, I would want to spank you until it was gone.

Ooops! I don’t think she has been studiously reading our Blog as we have covered this before. Here is a short version from 2010.

I know a lot of men are rigid before and after, but go soft when the action gets serious. I would too. But, that is not what I want to happen. I like hard paddle licks, but I want, I demand, a few seconds between licks to absorb the pain before the next lick lands. Recently, some women revealed the metal gymnastics they do to get themselves through the initial pain until the endorphins kick in. While I am absorbing the sting of a lick I imagine it flowing from my bottom to the intense swelling on the other side. Seems to work as the swelling increases during my paddling. Sounds odd, but it is what I like.

In my 20-30’s, almost all f/m fantasy spanking stories had the man otk with his erection nestled between the woman’s thighs. The story would fork to either him losing his erection or coming on her legs. I had to be different as I did not care for either path. I want to keep my erection for more conventional friction activities.

By reading other f/m blogs since I started this one, I have learned more about how other men mix sex and spanking. [Frankly, before this blog, I was almost completely concerned with how women mixed sex and spanking] Anywho, I have learned that while some men get aroused by spanking they want the pain to overcome them and others do not want a happy ending. Better for them to be kept horny to be better serve their woman. I am sure it would help keep me focused on her. But, I am more selfish. Besides I read that three orgasms a week will add four years to a man’s life. I wish I could do it three times a week, every week. But, sadly those days are gone.

I saw a clip recently, where the man was getting a brisk caning. It made me filch. He was quite happy as he was vigorously humping the bench he was bending over and achieved orgasm. I have known a few women who like to hump a pillow or leg while being spanked.

There should be point to this post, but it seems there is none.



And in other news, a regular reader was kind enough to send several short plaid skirts photographs so that theme can continue. Aren’t you glad?


  1., I don't.


  2. Ignoring the female erection of the clitoris, we are otherwise greatly relieved to hear this.

  3. A long time ago I would get and keep an erection when being spanked.
    I never thought then that one day I would have to use tablets to get one, let alone keep one.
    Thank heavens for modern medicine even if it comes at $12.00 a go. The upside of the tablets is that I get to keep the erection during a paddling or caning so it is great value for money.

  4. Do I get erect? Certainly.. every time her paddle makes contact with my sit-spot!

    But you probably meant on the other side of that area, right?

    Funny thing but my arousal has always been more between the ears so apparently I have been having a brain woody!

  5. In recent years my wife has taken to calling the strap that hangs in the closet "Viagra." This particular Viagra is a lot cheaper, works in seconds, can be given in variable doses by my partner depending on the needs and moods of the moment. So, now we have "Viagra Time." Kind of like a time out only with plenty of action and excitement. . .. Guaranteed to work every time, too.

    1. The Viagra Strap - LOL I am sure it works as well as our Viagra paddles. Even before there was any need of pills to prevent deflation, a paddle would cut through the noise of a busy life and get me focused on what was happening.

  6. LOL. I was going to be cheeky but Hermione beat me to it.



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