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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, September 28, 2012

Did You Miss Us?

Probably not.

My hard drive passed on last week. I figured maybe no biggie as I did an image backup the week before. Nagging at me for two years was the fact that while I was doing image backups, I had never tested to see if the backup would install the operating system, programs and files if the drive went south. Now I know, it will not. Files, yes, but the operating system an every program must be re-installed. OK, that’s just time-consuming. The email program I have been using since Windoze 3 days keeps all the messages in folders that in the same directory as the program. Since the image backup, did not copy the program, the messages were also lost. And so it goes. Sure, they are all still out there in Gmail, but no way would I attempt to locate the ones I was saving in various “to-do” folders on my hard drive. Lesson learned, I will go back to backing up directory by directory in addition to an image backup.

Also lost were some two dozen drafts of posts for this Blog. So not much text, just some picture posts until I get over this tech hump.


  1. Arghhhh

    Been there and screamed a lot. Looking forward to your restoration.


  2. Figured you had gone on vacation again.
    Sometimes computers are just hard work.

  3. Of course we missed you. Welcome back.

    I need to back up my blog.


  4. How frustrating! Been there, done that. I have an external hard drive that backs up data files automatically whenever something changes, and I keep all blog-related pictures, posts and ideas on a flash drive that I backup monthly to a CD.

  5. A friend of mine wisely said, "Computers were designed to drive us nuts".

  6. Ugh, sorry to hear that. It reminds me I should back things up more often, including Blogger itself. Never know when they'll decide to zap another one of us for our terribly inappropriate content.


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